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Level 50 Argonian Nightblade
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Fades-To-Shadows changed primary spec from DPS to Damage Dealing
Fades-To-Shadows changed secondary spec from AOE DPS to Dealing Damage
Fades-To-Shadows changed primary profession from Provisioner to Kicking Ass
Fades-To-Shadows changed secondary profession from Leatherworker to Provisioner
Fades-To-Shadows is now level 50
Fades-To-Shadows set primary spec to DPS
Fades-To-Shadows set secondary spec to AOE DPS
Fades-To-Shadows set primary profession to Provisioner
Fades-To-Shadows set secondary profession to Leatherworker
Fades-To-Shadows set level to 1
Fades-To-Shadows has been added to the roster
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