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#9212969 Mar 09, 2014 at 11:39 AM · Edited 8 years ago
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Rationale For a 17 point build
I have created maximalist builds (up to 256 skill points) before, but I started wondering about how I should prioritize Spending my skill points in the early game. What follows is by no means my end game build. This is probably pretty close to the build I will have when I first enter Cyrodill at level 10.

Character concept ~ Magical Being
Frankly this build isn't formed around concepts like DPS or CC. The core of the build is my excitement at getting to play an Argonian who shoots spines out of his back, swoops in to attack on a pair of leathery dragon wings, and breathes fire. This also explains why, out of a mere 17 points, I chose to invest in "Intimidating Presence". The core of the character is an RP build, but I think I can make a viable light tank at higher levels.

Dragon Knight

This build is exclusively One Hand and Shield, but I want to add a (Two-handed) Battle Axe later on.

Mixed Light/Heavy. I anticipate needing a lot of Magicka, so I will probably use a majority of Light (which is why I am spending a point on the Clothing profession). Maybe 4 LA / 3 HA in the early game.

Clothing (see above) and Alchemy (see dedicated thread by Walks-in-Whispers).

  1. Stonefist / ranged knockdown
  2. Crippling Slash / CC and Stamina usage
  3. Fiery Breath / Heh heh
  4. Volatile Armor / armor buff and damage
  5. Dragon Blood / self-heal
  6. Dragon Leap (ultimate) / Gap closer and knockdown

This initial build is more Magicka heavy than I want to end up. When I get a second hotbar, I'll spread some of these abilities out, and put two weapon skills on each bar.

All Skill Points
The first three are in strict order, but after that things will get more situational (e.g. Is a morph I want ready?).
  1. Spiked Armor (DK Draconic)- critical to get early so I can work on Draconic tree towards unlocking Dragon Flight.
  2. Puncture (One-hand and Shield) - just a stepping stone. Will swap out once I unlock Low Slash.
  3. Fiery Grip (DK Ardent) - another stepping stone. Will be replaced with Fiery breath as soon as I can.
  4. Dragon Blood (DK Draconic)
  5. Dragon Leap (DK Draconic) - an early priority!
  6. Fiery Breath (DK Ardent)
  7. Volatile Armor (DK Draconic) - morph of Spiked Armor.
  8. Iron Skin (DK Draconic) - Passive For blocks.
  9. Stonefist (DK Earthenheart).
  10. Low Slash (One-hand and Shield).
  11. Crippling Slash (One-hand and Shield) - morph of Low Slash.
  12. Evocation (Light Armor) - Passive reduce Magicka usage.
  13. Resolve (Heavy Armor) - Passive increase armor and spell resist.
  14. Intimidating Presence (Fighters Guild) - Cuz I'm a bad-ass.
  15. Amphibious (Argonian) - Swim and potion buff.
  16. Keen Eye Reagents (Alchemy)
  17. Keen Eye Cloth (Clothing)


Link to one of those skill builders

It is hard to wait until the end of the month to try this out, but I want to keep the EP material fresh for launch, so I don't intend to experiment with this build in beta.

Comments? Questions?
#9213431 Mar 09, 2014 at 01:45 PM · Edited 8 years ago
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Only thing I would suggest changing is the one point in Keen Eye: Cloth. Jute is pretty easy to see once you see it a few times, so that point might be better spent on something else until you see how difficult the higher tier plants look like.

Edit: Here's a picture of Jute. As you can see, its yellow flowers help it stand out a lot.
#9213882 Mar 09, 2014 at 03:41 PM
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Thanks for your input Walks-in-Whispers. I can see your point -- especially during the day. I did have an experience of having a point invested in keen eye and then running through Cyrodill and being able to see Ebonthread. I doubt I would have recognized it as a crafting material without the keen eye.

Reagents on the other hand, I find very hard to see. *:|
#9215047 Mar 09, 2014 at 08:56 PM
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This build is really well thought out, good job Hass-ta-Thisk. I havn't played a DK yet but this build makes me want to try. Love the Argonian with firebreath idea to can't wait to see that.
#9215104 Mar 09, 2014 at 09:14 PM
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Yeah, reagents are ridiculously difficult to see.
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