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Nightblade Siphoning

Grimoire Cover Binding (Armor)

Armor: Two Heavy (Chest and Legs)
Five light (Feet, Hands, Waist, Shoulders and Head)

Grimoire of Spells Volume One:
In the Dark Backward and Abysm of Time (Bar 1)

Destruction Staff (Fire)

I: Strife - Morphed to Swallow Soul
II: Cripple - Morphed to Crippling Grasp
III: Destructive Touch - Morphed to Destructing Clinch
IV: Force Shock - Morphed to Crushing Shock
V: Siphoning Strikes - Morphed to Leeching Strikes

Grimoire of Spells Volume Two:
Tread Softly because you Tread on my Dreams (Bar 2)

Destruction Staff (Fire)

I: Strife - Morphed to Swallow Soul
II: Drain Power - Morphed to Sap Essence
III: Wall of Elements - Morphed to Elemental Blockade
IV: Impulse - Morphed to Elemental Ring
V: Immovable - Morphed to Unstoppable

Grimoire of Spells Volume Three:
The Tale of a Passive Aggressive Warlock (Passives)

I: Catalyst - Rank 2
II: Magicka Flood - Rank 2
III: Soul Siphoner - Rank 2
IV: Transfer - Rank 2
V: Quick to Mend - Rank 3
VI: Argonian Resistance - Rank 3
VII: Amphibious - Rank 3
VIII: Resolve - Rank 3
IX: Constitution - Rank 2
X: Bracing - Rank 2
XI: Rapid Mending - Rank 2
XII: Tri-Focus - Rank 2
XIII: Penetrating Magic - Rank 2
XIV: Elemental Force - Rank 2
XV: Ancient Knowledge - Rank 2
XVI: Destruction Expert - Rank 2
XVII: Evocation - Rank 2
XVIII: Recovery - Rank 2
XIX: Spell Warding - Rank 2
XX: Prodigy - Rank 2
XXI: Concentration - Rank 2

Grimoire Possible Errata (Possible Passives)
I: Might of the Guild - Rank 2
II: Mage Adept - Rank 2
III: Everlasting Magic - Rank 2
IV: Magicka Controller - Rank 2
V: Soul Summons - Rank 2

Grimoire Possible Errata (Side Board)

I: Entropy - Morphed to Degeneration
II: Soul Trap - Morphed to Consuming Trap
III: Path of Darkness - Morphed to Refreshing Path
IV: Assassin's Blade - Morphed to Killer's Blade
V: Magelight - Morphed to Inner Light
VI: Equilibrium - Morphed to Spell Symmetry
VII: Necrotic Orb - Morphed to Mystic Orb
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Sounds interesting, kinda the opposite of my tank/damage templar
"It's not easy to balance yourself between the Aedra and Sithis, but I do my best and it has worked fine so far."

- Warrior & Healer Sier-Eckorsk, also known as Seeks-Peace-Finds-War
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