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#9284432 Mar 24, 2014 at 01:28 PM
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As someone who plans to supply the guild crafters from loot I find, I was pondering how to balance guildmate/guild needs vs. my own 'sell stuff to make money to buy stuff' needs.

We have, I believe, 50 slots in the Bank (assuming we have enough members for the bank.) What do you dedicated crafters want most from the suppliers?

My thoughts on day 1 priorities so our crafters can level up:
Recipes, especially those for other races.
Ore: Common and worth 0g so no loss to donate for a non-crafter.
Jute: Common and worth 0g
Maple: Common and worth 0g
Reagents: In theory there are so many of these I'm afraid they'll fill the bank, but I saw almost nothing but water in my beta run. $$
Runes: My inventory had a lot of these hogging space from the newbie area but never the full set to make a glyph. 0g.
Discard items to deconstruct: This is the hard one for balancing my own needs vs. the Guild needs. $$

Scales' own needs would be: Medium Armor, bow, dagger, healing potions.
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