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Typically, roleplaying (RP) character biographies include information and secrets that no one but one's family or closest friends (and sometimes not even then) would or could know.

While it's incorrect to let your own characters have this knowledge IC*, it's inevitable that this OOC* knowledge colors one's interaction. For instance, one can't unlearn that someone else was adopted as a child and is not really of noble birth, is secretly a Worm Cultist, and so on.

(* IC = in character, or in context. OOC = out of character, or out of context.)

Thus, I will write this introduction from the point of "Here's what a perceptive observer who has met Holes-In-Head, knows him casually, and hears about him occasionally by reputation, would notice" - particularly those facts that might not be clear from his appearance onscreen in ESO.


You see a young male Argonian, apparently aged perhaps 19-20 years.

A bow and quiver rest on his back, nicked and abraded with age, though clean and carefully maintained. He wears a minimal set of leathers that, from their indeterminate swampy color and marks of use, appear to be regularly worn while swimming, hunting, and crawling through the mud of the Marsh. They clearly prioritize freedom of movement over protection - to the point that you suspect subtle magickal properties - because they expose his arms, legs, and much of his torso, each of which is boldly striped and marked. Heavy, angular bands of light green taper to a series of chevrons atop his head, and distinct, evenly-spaced black spots mottle his chest, back, and outer arms.

This Argonian is tall, though not a giant, and broad-shouldered, with a large frame, long limbs, stoutly clawed hands and feet, and a thick, powerful tail - though he is extremely lean, particularly in the torso, and somewhat rawboned, leaving the distinct impression that he would have been bigger and more muscular had he had enough to eat growing up.

His head is sharply snouted. High, pronounced eye and cheek ridges frame wide yellow eyes with vertically slitted pupils. His mouth is fixed in the permanent grin of the predator, behind which a mouthful of needle-sharp teeth are just visible. A crest of black feathers tops his head, riffling perceptibly as he hisses and clicks to two other Argonians in their own language.

"That is one wild swamp-lizard. Truly a creature of the Marsh," you think.

He turns to you as you approach, fixing you with an intense, wide-eyed stare alarming in its apparent intensity - and made even more unsettling by the white markings that turn his bony, angular face into an apparent death mask. It's a sufficiently alien gaze that you can't decide whether he is pleased, angry, joyful, annoyed, or what other emotion he might be feeling.

In direct contrast to his fierce, nearly feral appearance, this Argonian's spoken Cyrodiilic is strangely precise and eloquent, inflected like a man or mer and spoken with the neutral non-accent of the scholar -- but his rich baritone is topped with the oddly hissing sibilances and strange resonances typical of his kind.

"Hello," he says, grinning. "I am," and he hisses a tangled stream of thick swamp-Jel that only a marsh-born Saxhleel would recognize as <Windows-To-Mind>, "but you should call me Holes-in-Head."


Some more of Holes-In-Head's reasonably obvious characteristics, in no particular order:

  • He seems to be well-known, apparently having friends or connections in almost every social situation - even those populated entirely by dryskins.
  • He's an incorrigible flirt towards women of all races - though he's usually courteous and witty enough to get away with it.
  • He has an excellent memory for events and details, but a terrible memory for titles - usually addressing others directly by their names.
  • He has suspiciously epicurean tastes in intoxicants, and always seems to have one of several mysterious marsh-liquors with him. He has never been seen to drink mead.
  • He apparently owns a set of formal attire, which he wears infrequently but with surprising panache.
  • He appears to be respected as some sort of leader within An-Xileel, though he doesn't ask to be addressed by any sort of title.

  • Holes-In-Head speaks the deepest swamp-Jel fluently, and so was obviously born to the Marsh and to the Hist.
  • He is clearly proud of his race and his heritage, and - despite his oddly precise, scholarly Cyrodiilic - makes no effort to hide or minimize the hissing sibilances and strange resonances of his voice.
  • He's conscious of his eloquence and handsomeness, though he often pokes fun at his own high opinion of himself.
  • He sometimes refers offhandedly to having survived on his own from a very young age, though he's never been heard to explain exactly how or why.
  • When asked what his name means, he acknowledges that he does, indeed, have holes in his head. When asked how that happened, he generally deflects the question with a smile: "With all due respect, I don't know you nearly well enough to tell that story."

Other Skills and Characteristics:
  • Holes-in-Head is an accomplished bow hunter and survivalist, particularly in the Marsh.
  • As such, he strongly prefers fresh game and fish to any prepared food, frequently eating them raw. He doesn't consider saltrice or other grains even to be food, though he distinguishes himself from Bosmer by also consuming fruits, fresh vegetables, nuts, and roots.
  • He has a keen sense of humor, and clearly enjoys witty banter.
  • He's very slow to anger, almost never being pushed to the point of direct response, and he clearly prefers to defuse confrontations with politeness and humor. Despite this, those who know him well understand that he maintains strong opinions and beliefs, and will act with uncompromising, fierce confidence when he believes an actual threat to himself, those close to him, or An-Xileel is present.
  • Holes-In-Head is extremely fast, both in the water and on land. He is undefeated in foot and swimming races. (Single exception: he once lost a race where magickal assistance was allowed, a fact he didn't realize until the race was already underway.) Winning races is his only apparent source of income.
  • He obviously possesses magickal talent, and frequently uses lightning and shock magick in combat - though he's rarely heard to speak about his work or his studies. Despite this, he seems to have the respect of several well-known mages.
  • He is a competent combat healer, and always carries his kit of salves, bandages, and a healing staff. However, due to his propensity for adventure, he frequently finds himself in greater demand than his limited skills can supply - especially when it comes to magickal afflictions, where he often finds himself just trying to keep others alive until someone with greater skill can attend to them.

Holes-In-Head does his best to avoid letting others know his weaknesses. Despite this, a few clues are apparent:
  • He carefully avoids hand-to-hand combat, using ranged weapons exclusively and magick to remain at range.
  • He's not particularly quick in a short sprint, apparently being better suited to tests of endurance than of speed.
  • He will, on rare occasions, completely forget or misremember something he knows or someone he's previously met, and he has a terrible memory for titles. He flippantly blames this on "the holes in my head," but this, and a few other offhand comments, suggest that - though he hides it well - he may not be completely sane.
  • He jokes about being skinny compared to many of the male warriors of An-Xileel, to the point that he's likely a bit self-conscious about it.
  • As mentioned above, his healing skills are limited, a fact which continually frustrates him.
  • He's quite young. Though he is well-travelled, and has apparently picked up the talent of speaking like a scholar, he does not have the breadth of knowledge and experience of someone older - a fact he freely admits.

Recent Changes:
  • Lately Holes-in-Head has been speaking exclusively in a whisper, due to severe injuries sustained in a recent battle.

I'll add to this profile as life and events flow downstream.
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