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Well, if you're around reading the forum, the Fades' backstory is somewhere back there, but otherwise, here's a small reference for him.



A strange Argonian, to both men, mer and Saxhleel alike. A short, stick-thin Saxhleel somewhere in his twenties, Fades carries himself somewhat awkwardly, even for a lukuil. A visual observation of his body language shows that he does not posess the same subtle nuances and actions that most Argonians seem to make with their vastly alien features, the motions of his tail one of the more obvious signs, often being dragged on the ground behind him rather than being lifted off the ground like most opther Argonians do. He has a rather poor grasp of Jel, often failing to correctly pronounce words and names with their glutteral hisses and clicks that are sprinkled across the language, and unlike other lukuil, cannot seem to pick it up, despite repeated efforts to teach him.

Fades is a particularly small Argonian, being one of the shortest Argonians int he An-Xileel. His build also matches his height, being stick-thin with very narrow shoulders, further emphsisng his small stature. As a contrast, Fades' combat attire is often what most would consider to be the heaviest of medium armours, clad in a strange, custom-fit amalgamation of bonemold, netch leather and metal fittings that would only usually see use in Dunmeri hands.

As a person, Fades is amiable enough, willing to smile and strike up a coversation with new faces when approached. Like his kinsmen though, he is slow to trust and often cautious of new faces, preferring to stick with his own friends. Alone or around unfamiliar faces, he is often reserved and brooding, prefering to watch conversations than join in on them. He has a particular liking to Nord meads, often carrying at least a flask of it, which he straps to his shin guards. He has a particular taste for grains as well, often seen be eating bread and rice with almost everything he eats, going as far as to keep rations of such grains with him on his travels, to supplement his meals.

Because of his small stature, Fades is particularly inclined toward stealth and subterfuge rather than outright confrontation, though often seen to be competent with both bows and blades when fighting breaks out.

Some notable things:

-He claims to be an ametuer Daedra hunter, often disappearing to far corners of Tamriel on 'business', though he can be found in the Marsh in his free time.

-He is extremely bad at holding his alchohol. This has been proven on too many occasions, though Fades himself will never admit that he's a poor drinker. That being said, Fades will never pass on an opportunity to drink.

-He has a habit of curling his tail around his legs when nervous, anxious or unsure, which is one of the only thing he seems to do with his tail.

-Fades is often uncomfortable about discussions regarding opinions about the Dunmer, though he has no qualms about being around them.

A picture reference of Fades, dressed in Argonian medium armour.
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