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Not too many witnessed my coming, of all y'all mortals...

...Your unforgivable actions...

...Of all the sins you have made in the past...

...Shall be baptized in blood and fear...

...By Mother's will and I the Father's hands.



Some of you few have walked through these treacherous lands besides Black Marsh. Some like me. But I remember what They did, I still remember those days of slavery as I discovered upon my younger times.

Since the time where the Marsh invaders of south appeared from the Northern Argonia, as I eavesdropped on a conversation between a rumored mass slavery, among with three elves bathed in cold gold behind it. All of them three were Dunmeris and however were my targets for a single contract to take these lives that I pity, how original, as Telvanni used us Argonians as their slaves with no freedom. One former slave did not expected to live through this, one didn't but died, and a poor fellow had their own will washed away, completely following orders of its master.

...They will regret their actions...

Around this undetermined... Swampy and muddy yet humid area with trees that were familiar to my own eyes. Swamps are not to be trifled with, one would regret what they realized is a mistake in treacherous swamp. I heard distant drums beating of Dunmeri rhythm before I could follow the source of the noise with my swift quiet movements charging in towards it. I watched from a distance in a ruin of a Xanmeer but within each beat, my hatred hesitated me, tempted me to kill while I hear the moans of the suffering Argonians...

...My blades will be coated with their blood...

After for a few moments before I closing in, a land--a very open field with a large farm and a wooden house is seen before my own eyes. I squinted, I gritted my fangs, I've seen a small mass of enthralled Argonians with brute guards watching over them, and a flock of elite watching over the three targets that were in my contract to kill.

Clouds suddenly darkened up the place for a bit, it has started to rain shortly before getting strong with thundering storms. I pulled up my hood and my black face-mask, I am ready... Soon I will paint the farmlands with their own blood.

...Of hallowed thy Sithis, as your hand, I beckon you to guide me my hate...

My sight blurred out to the dark void, I let Sithis take control of my burdening rage--pure hatred against any to those who kill my kind. I do not really know what really has happened, I nearly felt no thing, no pain...
I see the world once again, blurred out and slowly clearing out. I groaned in bitter pain as I tried to stand up, I see... I blood everywhere on my black suit, making a messy stain out of it...

Now I still hunt these kinds of people, the bad ones... In my mood or not... I will be counting how many I have rid of these pests.

...Now you will feel what it is like to live in the void.


- About him -

Greoz, or currently as Walks-With-Shadows during this time, is a Lukiul Argonian, whose his connections--the link between the Hist has been severed for many years or decades or perhaps centuries on. During his time not having connected to the Hist tree of his birth, he was also away from Black Marsh that time.

His Paka and Maka--Father and Mother, were never known to him since he was hatched away to a forgotten land. He also his uncle was by his side when he was at his youngest, though it has been forgotten.

His matured life began as a recruit of the Dark Brotherhood, it didn't started either good or bad, at least his Family in the Sanctuary there went pretty fair, for him to say. Walks did also betray them in the end, first betrayal, but he merely took the dare to apologize his Family for what he had done, it was only but another member!

Greoz was exiled, as a result, though he can receive any contracts from the Brotherhood's Night Mother via by an unforeseen courier, every time he sleeps, he'll have a letter on his bag. Well, at least that is how he gets his own contracts without going in to the Sanctuary and speak to his Lady.

Then again he had grown bored, exhausting any contracts he can do already and so here his adventures has started... Back to Black Marsh, Daedras suddenly appearing everywhere out of blue, unexpectedly joined with the An-Xileel and of course... Hunting the whatever what kind of malice lurks around Tamriel.

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