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#11875505 Dec 18, 2015 at 12:12 PM · Edited over 6 years ago
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Trying this out. Want to show you guys what I see on the battlefield. Nvidia shadowplay is a hell of a lot better than fraps or the like. So we'll be seeing more of this. Not the best frame rate for 4k, but considering I've got that display plus a 1920x1200 screen operating on the same card.

If I'd have known it was this easy and simple to do, I would have done more sooner. Just takes a while to upload. About 12 minutes of unedited footage. Which looks like potato right now until I can get youtube to stop doing that...

MFW crash course in video editing/conversion/publishing.

OK, high rez version here. Your system and/or internet may not handle it well.

Couple things of note:
-I'm always aware of my visibility status. You'll notice that I spam my cloak on the mere hint of being seen.
-I pick my targets. I take on things I know I can blitz damage on. Some of my hits get absorbed. If I find a soft target that I can squeeze damage in, I waste no time exploiting it.
-take time to try and use a blob of friendlies to drop targeting or drop combat status. You regen faster out of combat and it gives you time to survey the area.
-groups of enemies behave like liquid. Fall back to higher ground to contain said hostile liquid and if there's spillage at your flanks, cup around to try and funnel to cause your friendly blob to absorb the hostile one.
-don't be afraid to be cheap. In fact, assume your opponent is also looking to be as cheap as possible. Warfare especially digitally like this even ping and lag can be weaponized. To counter this, keep a healthy distance from known enemies until lag sorts out and don't be afraid to spam abilities and predict where they are going.
-keep yourself from being singled out. If need be, kite toward friendlies. They are hungry for AP just as you are.
-any damage done to a player, even if healed over will still give you points if that player dies. Even if by fall damage.
-capture points can't be taken in stealth.
#12084300 Feb 20, 2016 at 01:00 AM · Edited over 6 years ago
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This is an example on how not to front door a keep. I'm just tagging along since there was a fresh battle to be had but this happens quite a bit. Hopefully you can learn from this and not give the enemy more AP to feed on. Yes, there were friendlies being brought down and I could have helped but ultimately I'd have given them one more kill to enjoy.

Here are some of the mistakes that happened here. We had numbers, but they had tactics.

-lack of organisation
-lack of situational awareness (ie: getting the whole group caught from behind, myself nearly included)
-lack of counterstrike awareness
-once the door was open, the push stalled. usually if there is stiff resistance, you push through as a unit and take the closest courtyard tower. Height gives you breathing room and a chance to gain a foothold inside the keep. Those late to that party usually leave the breach trapped so you don't get your shit pushed in.

You'll notice that I was also looking up at the top to see who was in control of what. The minute I see peeps falling from there means that things are starting to go sour.

Have a look at my ping as things go along and you'll notice I'm chaining my skills to see what lands and how long it takes to land them and the only reason I got out of that det prox spam near the end there was because I noticed the red aoe creeping up as I resed that guy, or tried to. For a nightblade, detprox caterpillars are easily avoidable. You get caught in the middle of that and its game over.

Anyway, enjoy and hopefully you gleam something from this group's misfortune.
#12088638 Feb 21, 2016 at 11:51 AM
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This is what happens when I get stuck. QUEUE FOR PVP!
#12163115 Mar 13, 2016 at 11:11 AM · Edited 6 years ago
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