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NAME: Bree-Shea
TRUE NAME: Smiles-While-Hunting
AGE: 19
BIRTH DATE: 9th of Sun's Dawn, 2E 563
BIRTHPLACE: A small village near Murkmire
RACE: Argonian
CLASS: Nightblade
OCCUPATION: Huntress, dancer, healer, and tree-minder
GENDER: Female.
HEIGHT: 5'8"
WEIGHT: 150 lbs, give or take.
LATERALITY: Right handed

POSITIVE TRAITS: Very friendly, accepting of all races and paths, patient, open with her thoughts
NEGATIVE TRAITS: Can be emotional, has concerns about how open she is, tries too hard to justify her existance
ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good
MORALITY: Bree openly cares for every being, wanting to see people happy and healthy. Despite this, she is far from being naive and will defend herself and her loved ones if they are threatened. She prefers to sneak around conflicts and end them as painlessly as possible, fatally or otherwise. Her true passions are healing and dancing though, helping everyone smile and feel their best.
FEARS: Being enslaved, being cast out, being hated or looked down upon.
LIKES: Dancing, hunting, making people happy, making new friends.
DISLIKES: Racists, slavery, people who harm others because they feel that they can.

VERY SKILLED: Archery, Hunting, Dancing
MODERATELY SKILLED: Alchemy, Restoration Magic, Daggers
UNSKILLED: Sewing, cooking more than using a fire, knowing what not to share
LANGUAGES: Cyrodiilic and Jel

HAIR COLOR: No hair, but a fringe of dark feathers that grow between a pair of horns.
WAR PAINT/TATTOOS: Red markings under each eye, marking her as a huntress.
EYE COLOR: Green eyes, nothing unusual.
SKIN COLOR: Covered in Reddish scales, almost a snake-like pattern with larger scales on her underbelly.
BUILD: Slim but toned. The build of one who dances and uses agility to fight.
SCARS: No major scars, just light battle scars here and there.
SPEECH: Bree has a very soft and light tone, showing her youth while remaining confident.
CLOTHING: She prefers to dress lightly, wearing argonian styled leathers almost everywhere. She tends to show off a bit of scale, but this is to both distract while allowing more movement than normal armor while still keeping some protection.

Early life: Bree was born to a simple village in Black Marsh. Like all true Saxhleel, she was given Hist sap on her naming day and named Smiles-While-Hunting, symbolizing her optimistic outlook on almost everything. She had an older sister that she was almost inseparable with in her youth, learning how to hide, hunt, and shoot a bow from her. Other than having to hide every so often when slavers had to be repelled, she lived a very happy life, taking interest whenever the village celebrated to watch the dancers around the communal fire pit.

Young Adulthood: Into her teen years, she had time to have to adjust to the mindset of the Pact after the Akaviri war, no longer having to worry as much about slaver raids. Since she was still so young, she understood why the slavers were bad, but didn't attribute much hatred towards the Dunmer. When she was of age, she left home and her family behind with just her daggers and bow, wishing to go out into the world and make a name for herself. She started in the Stonefalls area of Morrowind, where she learned how to dance from an Imperial with a questionable agenda and gained more confidence through her teacher's unorthodox (And some would say lewd) ways.

Recent: After deciding that, while dancing was fun, she had no desire to become a courtesan like her teacher had actually wished. So she left and eventually fell in deep with a group of her kinfolk of the An-Xileel clan. Needless to say, she has been very happy and grew attached to them as her family and kin. Despite a few near death experiences, she took to learning how to heal and to be a tree-minder so that she could better serve her new family as best she can.

INVENTORY: Bree tends to travel light. When hunting she carries some survival gear, two daggers, and her bow. She sometimes carries a staff when she wishes to focus on healing. When not hunting, she usually carries at least one dagger at all times, but doesn't carry much else other than a few potions, just in case.
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This picture is absolutely, smashingly beautiful! I'm tempted to get a fullbody for Fades, now :s

This is a great ref as well, it's good insight into Bree, whom I've admittedly not worked with a lot before.
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"UNSKILLED: Sewing, cooking more than using a fire, knowing what not to share"

I lol'ed a bit too much at that.
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