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Ocheesha [oh-CHEE-shah]
(Och or Ochee for short)

A female Argonian Nightblade. Around 23 in appearance. Unmerciful Shadowscale assassin. Member of An-Xileel. New member of the Jackals. Will commonly pose as a Dwemer artifact merchant when carrying hidden blades. Also will pose as a lone hunter, as an excuse to carry her bow. Natively speaks Jel but knows most other languages, mostly for eavesdropping purposes as part of her enhanced Shadowscale training. Lawful Evil. Her favorite book is "The Sultry Argonian Bard".

Physical description:
Slightly short. Very lithe but has a strong tail and toned legs. Easy to underestimate. Deadly-looking claws. Bright, orange eyes. Soft features for an Argonian. To some she is attractive. Mid-size bust. Dark green scales with a purplish hue, but a lighter colour with more vulnerable *appearing* flesh on the front of the torso and the insides of the arms and legs. Her musculature appears unimpressive through her clothes or armour, even has a tiny belly happening there, but on close inspection her muscles are tight and ropey beneath her tough hide. Strangely, no scars adorn her body.

Personality Summary:
She consists of a small, vulnerable seed of lonelyness, confusion and unrest, wrapped in a much larger and more prominent, deadly and fearsome weapon. Her willpower is such that nobody will likely ever see past her exterior.

Detailed Personality:
Ambitious, with a desire for wealth and power, but her loyalty to Argonia trumps all. Cold and calculating on a job. Takes pleasure in killing. Likes to give the impression that she is afraid of nothing. She is quite direct and literal, utilizing every opportunity to further her own agenda. About many things, she has a black-and-white perspective.
she tends to be polite or witty but lacks social finesse. Occasionally flirty, but not very good at it. Enjoys good jokes. Is strangely unaware that she cannot handle her liquor but is nonetheless an alcoholic, not due to a lack of willpower, of which she has plenty, but due to being unaware that she has a problem. Surprisingly fun drunk, as her mask begins to slip after the second mug.
Can be slow to truly open up to others as she is quite paranoid. Loyal to those who earn her trust, vengeful to those those her betray her. This is more due to her principles that emotions. Strangely, complements and certain other gestures seem to catch her off guard, causing a momentary lapse in composure - including uncharacteristic blushing, surprise or chuckling.
She seems to have a rarely-seen internal complexity. She is Bi, but represses her feelings about females and denies it herself. However when boozed up, she will openly, and awkwardly, flirt with women she likes, just as she does with men she likes while sober.
Deep down she has a desire to relinquish control to others. She has spent her life as an unstoppable force, always in control of the situation. A secret part of her wishes she could just let go of the reigns sometimes, play submissive. Might be her kink.

Enhanced Shadowscale training - learned the clandestine secret skills of the oldest Shadowscales.
Killing with distinction.
Expertise in dagger use.
Expertise in subterfuge.
Expertise in information-gathering.
Above average marksmanship.
Knowledge of secret Shadowscale medicines and herblore.
Some experience with seduction for purely tactical purposes.

Combat Tactics:
Uses her mastery of stealth tactics to get in close and inflict maximum damage before anyone knows what is happening. If there are guards, she may iliminate all of them, for pleasure. Uses her hist-bow from high cover over a long distance on weaker foes.

Strengths and Praises:
Very smart - well-read and tactically brilliant. Though socially inept.
Unmatched willpower - able to overcome the physical and mental limitations of her mind and body. As a result, she has trained harder and learned more in her short life than most others will in their lifetime.
Impressive strength - can haul up to a full-grown Orc's corpse due to her intense training.
Tough as they come - Ocheesha's mental and physical endurance caused the Shadowscale training program to be revamped.
Attractive - she may be able to use this to her advantage.

Phobias and Weaknesses:
Mostly not a good conversationalist. Lacking basic social skills. Has many powerful enemies and has become significantly paranoid. Fears appearing vulnerable in any way, including emotionally, which in some ways she is. Is a moderate alcoholic, yet can’t handle her booze. Fears serious relationships, as she perceives all others as easily killed and thus a source of potential heartbreak.

Pet Peeves:
Dislikes having to wash blood out of clothes all the time. Dislikes not being taken seriously, when sober.

Possessions of Interest:
Her daggers - gifted to her by her oldest Shadowscale instructor on her naming day. They are cursed with a flesh-eating enchantment to all but Shadowscales, for whom they are perfectly weighted and never dull.
Her bow - unremarkable in appearance; that of a common hunting bow. Constructed however from a rare fallen Hist branch by a Shadowscale craftsman. With it in her possession, she can slightly feel the presence of the Hist anywhere in Tamriel.
Secret Shadowscale healing herbs - kept in a small pouch. Chewed to paste then applied to a wound will cause it to heal faster, feel painless, protect from infection (in non-Argonians) and minimise scarring.

Laid but unhatched in a House Dres stable in Tear, under the sign of the Shadow, to Argonian slaves from an unusual tribe. She was taken to Black Marsh to be hatched and trained under the care of the Shadowscales, where she remained until her naming day.

History: Birth
Born to Argonian slaves of House Dres in Tear. Her birth had been mysteriously anticipated by the Shadowscales. On the night of her being laid, two Shadowscales came to collect her egg. However, the Dres who owned her parents, Sadryn Dres, were aware of the impending birth under the shadow and Ocheesha's parents were killed by his henchmen in the stable, drenching her egg in their blood. The Shadowscales arrived just in time and killed the henchmen immediately. Ocheesha’s egg was stained permanently red by all of the blood. Her egg was taken back to Black Marsh and hatched the next night. Raised by the Shadowscales, she engaged in enhanced Shadowscale training due to her willpower and affinity for assassination.

History: Training
Her training was harrowing, but Ocheesha was anointed by blood and blessed by Sithis. She exceeded all expectations, and caused new training regimes to be invented to challenge her. The Shadowscales put her and her peers through torturous trials, to weed out the weak and strengthen the strong. Her mind and body were blasted to fragments, then rebuilt, over and over. Again and again, Ocheesha would find herself bloodied and bruised, facedown in the mud but would rise up, almost to the horror of her instructors. Midnight pack-loaded runs. Scaling cliffs with weighted boots. Reciting bad poetry from memory. She read every book and scroll she could find, absorbing everything that she could learn, her brain full to bursting at the end of each day. She familiarised herself with daggers and bow, and came to love the daggers, with which she could rend animals in two and perform killing maneuvers with grace. Killing, with calm ferocity became Ocheesha's art, blood her paint. Danger, her muse.

History: Naming Day
Most of her peers did not survive the rigorous training, one of which met their end by Ocheesha's hand in an unfortunate incident, which became Ocheesha’s singular remorseful memory. On her naming day, only Ocheesha and three others remained. She was given her unique daggers on this day by a mysterious old Shadowscale, who had monitored her training since birth. Unbeknownst to Ocheesha, he had also coordinated her egg’s retrieval. She has since performed thousands of assassinations in Sithis’ name. She has been targeted for assassination herself many times due to the enemies she has gained, though she always prevailed, she has become very paranoid by necessity.
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