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#12208052 Mar 26, 2016 at 11:29 AM
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<Small handbills are plastered all over the Cornerclub! The walls, the floor- even the ceiling! One is even stuck on the back of the head of Six-Coins. He doesn't seem to have noticed the one stuck to him, though he appears visibly annoyed at the influx of them, if the bucket full of crumpled up papers is an indicator. You grab one from the bucket and have a look.>


A great evil lies in the heart of the Imperial City Sewers... Rumour has it the Prince of Schemes himself lurks somewhere, and a great bounty has been placed on him by the alliance leaders! A reward awaits you for his demise, not in gold, but in GOLD (dye)!

Report to Fades-to-Shadows at once to secure a spot in what will become the MOST doomed famous Daedra-hunting expedition in Tamriel's History!


In all seriousness, this is an OOC (out-of-character) event! There are no roleplay/membership/rank requirements for this event, you only need to be level 10+ and have access to the Imperial City to join in!

As the title implies, this event is going to be an expedition into the centre of the Imperial City Sewers, where we will be attempting the boss in the dead centre for the TRANSLUMINAL VIOLET dye!

So what do we need?
  • Experienced navigators! If you're familiar the IC Sewers, your guidance and navigational skills will be appreciated!
  • Healers! We can't fight without 'em!
  • A minimum of 10 people- Strength in numbers! Largeish groups will discourage gankers and enemy groups from approaching us, and will make this attempt significantly easier! While I'm sure all of us are competent players and this can be done on less man lizardpower, I *would* like this to be done with a healthy number of people for two reasons: a) Again, safety/ganker chance reduction and b) This is an attempt to help as many people obtain that achievement and dye in one attempt as possible. I figure I might as well organise a private expedition if I wanted to do this on fewer people.
  • Supplies? If you have soul gems, or wish to help cater armour, enchants, potions and food, please contact me and I will list you in the section below for players in need to contact you! You may provide your own terms of service, but please remember that the idea here is to keep it affordable for out other members!

So when is this event?
April 2nd, Saturday!
9PM EST (Be there or be square!)

At the listed time, we will be gathering in Shadowfen first, where we will select a campaign and travel into IC from there.

Please, post here, pm me, or contact me on ESO at Fades-To-Shadows or @Gadzoooks (that's 3 o's)


In the Imperial City it will be strongly preferable that you bring Grand Soul Gems with you to revive players. If you are short on those, or have not reached a level where you can obtain them, I will be selling them to guild members at a heavily discounted rate of 100G for 10, limited to one purchase per person.

Contact Fades-To-Shadows/@Gadzoooks (3 o's)

Free BLUE quality food and drink for Veteran Rank 1 and above will be crafted upon request for players in bundles of 20 for players joining the expedition.

Contact Fades-To-Shadows/@Gadzoooks (3 o's)
#12211833 Mar 27, 2016 at 05:09 PM
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I already got the dye thanks to a massive group of zergs, plus I remember Prince of Schemes being completely destroyed by 20+ players. Keep an eye out for gankers who can take on large number of players alone like Left Hand of Death. I might join in to help out as healer, however numbers is vitally important when taking on Prince of Schemes.
#12212435 Mar 27, 2016 at 09:10 PM · Edited 6 years ago
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I can come on Stands and dispense da heelz, even though I already have the color. If you get a full roster complete with healers I can dip out for another person to tag along if they like. For the services below, contact me @Ras_Lei in game n,n.

I have plenty and they're easy enough to get/fill for me, so I can divvy out several to people for free if you need them.

I can make up to Blue level Food and Drink, or Purple/Gold if you have the mats and I know the recipe. I can also make the three Drinks that increase max Health. Just tell me what level you are, if you want Max Stats or Regen, and what stats you want buffed. I'm 4/4 on the Drink Passive and 3/4 on the Food Passive, so I can make 4 Drinks per batch and 3 Food per batch. Food and Drink provided for free.

Even though I'm assuming we'd be scooting directly to the center and not hitting bosses or anything (at least not until after said center), we're going to be mowing down plenty of mobs. The experience gain in IC is incredible, and tossing an Ambrosia on top of that will help level even faster. I can make up to 4 Ambrosia per brew, but you'll have to provide the mats. No charge for these and you'll be getting all of them back, though if you lack the Purple mats I can provide those at the charge of 1 Ambrosia per brew.

I can make any level Glyph, however for VR15/16, you'd need to provide the appropriate Potency Rune. Also, if you wish to have a Purple or Gold Glyph, you'll need to provide a Rekuta or Kuta Rune. I can make these for free, but depending on if numerous people ask for Blue Enchants, I may put a tiny fee on those just to help cover the replacement of my Denata Runes.

I'm 8/9 in WWing and Clothing in terms of Traits learned, and can make max level Gear for those lines. I'm slowly getting on BSing but there are certainly people who have 8/9 or even 9/9 on Traits and level for that, but on the off-chance you can't find someone to make a certain Trait of BSing you can ask and I'll see if I have it. I can make pretty much any 8-Trait set and below for WWing and Clothing. Depending on the level, there may be a small fee for sets to help cover the cost of mats, unless you provide those yourself.

Max rank on this and can make any potion you need. Just tell me what level you are, what you're looking for, and how many you want. I'm 4/4 on the Passive to get 4 pots per brew, so keep that in mind when requesting a number. Pots that require numerous rarer ingredients may have a small fee depending on how many you're looking for and how many of those mats I currently have, unless you provide your own mats.
#12224625 Mar 31, 2016 at 09:52 AM
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I'd be down if I am still awake by then. I'm about to embark on a small trip to North bay and I'm returning to Ottawa on Saturday. By the way, which campaign anyway?
#12226892 Mar 31, 2016 at 10:51 PM
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@Drigs We're likely to pick a quiet, EP dominated one.
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