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Darkosh Vabava

Race: Khajiit Cathay

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Appearance: Moderately tall Cathay female, spotted white fur and a “mane” of black hair fur between her ears down to her neck, with bluish cat-like eyes. Darkosh prefers to keep a series of red face/fur paint around her face. She prefers her light leather clothes to anything else, but has heavier leather and cloth armor in the case she knows of danger

Personality: Being largely unfamiliar with Black Marsh and the rest of Nirn as a whole is curious about many aspects of the other races’ culture. She is polite and reserved in front of strangers thanks to her upbringing, but more relaxed around those she gets to know better. Fairly stubborn with her world view. Sometimes slips into Ta’garra, but otherwise speaks tamrielic with thick Elsewyr accent and grammar. VERY religious, with most of her reverence directed towards Alkosh.

The daughter and second kitten of two priests of Alkosh, born and raised in Elsweyr. Her and her family live in a village surrounding a temple dedicated to Alkosh, Northwest of Cornith, her father is a high ranking priest while her mother is a mid ranking priest. She has an older brother, Puksej Vabava, a senche Khajiit but no other siblings.
She was expected to take her father’s place in the temple, showing a fair bit more piety than her brother, as well as talent with magic. For various reasons... she ran away from Elsweyr with her brother in tow as her mount/beast of burden. Despite this she still has a lot of respect for her father and mother as well as the temple.
She intentionally wishes to avoid slavers/Morrowind hearing hearsay from Dominion officials of their treatment. Although this is not a serious issue as her goal lies to the south of Shadowfen, the pair seeking out a guide through the more treacherous portions of the marsh to her apparent destination.

Relations: Father: Zahn’Jo(45, alive but sick) Mother: Nazala’Daro(47, Alive) Brother: Puksej (25, alive) Clan Mother: Drakazhura (79, dead) Strange Fortune teller: ??? (46?, missing?)

Skills: Moderate Restoration magic skill, mostly in the form of minor healing spells. Extensive Alteration magic knowledge, Barriers, rituals, and protection spells. Speaks Ta’aagra and the common Tamrielic tongue. Reads Ta’aagra, Tamrielic, and a bit of Daedric.

Possessions: Her father’s Twin Moons staff, sword and shield, stolen. An older journal written in Ta’aagra as well as a large pile of old scrolls and notes with Ta’aagra and Daedric writing she stores in an old leather bag with a depiction of Alkosh on the front, also stolen.

Puksej Vabava

Race: Khajiit Senche

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Appearance: Large Senche male, spotted white fur, no mane and pale green eyes. Typically wanders around nude, but does where a Khajiiti senche saddle and bags when he and Darkosh are traveling. Has leather bracers and gauntlets in the case of more dangerous terrain/situations.

Personality: Generally very lazy and sluggish, although he periodically is in a rush or very excitable. Can be rather moody as well if disturbed although never to the point of violence. Shows disdain for any language other than Ta’aagra and refuses to speak or even attempt to speak in any other language, as well as having an extremely heavy accent that makes conversation difficult. Is very protective of his sister, and loyal, and will generally try to be near her when he is not sleeping.

Background: First born kitten to the Vabava family, he was initially expected to take his father’s place as a member of the temple, but his personality as well as lack of magickal skill pointed to him being unqualified. He was still taught many of the important skills that Alkosh Priests are expected to learn to run/manage the temple.
Until his sister was born, he was heavily pressured to change and become a priest. For this he feels very indebted to his sister and is protective of her. And even if he doesn’t agree with all of his family’s beliefs like Darkosh does, he will still side with her.
Due to his disinterest in taking a position in the Temple of Alkosh, he refused many of his father and mother’s teachings, such as speaking and reading any language other than Ta’agara. He did eventually learn bits of common Tamreilic but still can’t read or write in anything but Ta’aagra.

Relations: Father: Zahn’Jo(45, alive but sick) Mother: Nazala’Daro(47, Alive) Sister: Darkosh, (19, alive) Clan Mother: Drakazhura (79, dead)

Skills: Fairly strong even by Senche standards, moderately agile, thicker coat protects him from the elements better. Speaks and read Ta’aagra. Used to being used as a mount, with and without a saddle.

Possessions: A large Senche Saddle with Alkoshian symbols emblazoned on the sides with saddle bags, a set of leather bracers and gauntlets.
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