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[Pinned] Greetings!
General Discussion

[Pinned] Greetings!

Welcome to the forums!If you're new here, add a post introducing yourself to the community :)
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[Pinned] Nkai's Pack ( The Temple-gaurd )

My pack shall focus mostly on survivability and defense. As well as working together with other packs, to locate and destroy weakened targets. There will be a lot of guarding outposts, and helping attack or steal resources. And generally just be h...
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[Pinned] The Marsh-Packs 2

Now that each warden has posted their general roles, and strategies. We felt it best to redo this poll. And please don't worry about hurting anyones feelings.
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General Discussion

Need Pictures of Your Argonians!

Welcome fellow scale brothers and sisters! I would like to ask of you for help in a mod I'm making for Stellaris, which is a game you may or may not know of. In short, it is a game recently released by Paradox Studios and I wish to bring the Argon...
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General Discussion

Floof. A quick story :3

A brilliant flash preceeded a booming of thunder, the sound enough to rattle the circular panes of glass within The Watch House Inn, the preferred place to drink if the scents of fish and open ocean from The Fish Stink, the only other place for...
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General Discussion

Argonian Cultural Items and Discussion

With the advent of theft comes loot, loot that can expand the canon and background of Saxhleel culture and lore. Here we will take note of and discuss found items relevant to us and Argonia. While some may bare teeth at the thought of relieving sc...
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General Discussion

Athereian Archive Run! Details and Signups!

Right, I have no idea how to start these posts, but uh, we're running the Athereian Archive! Woo!At the moment now, we are running this on the 18th of June, 9pm EST.We have several spots open for this run, your place in this trail is subject to fi...
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Character Sheets

A pair of Character Khajsheets

Darkosh VabavaRace: Khajiit CathayGender: FemaleAge: 19Appearance: Moderately tall Cathay female, spotted white fur and a “mane” of black hair fur between her ears down to her neck, with bluish cat-like eyes. Darkosh prefers to keep a series of ...
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General Discussion

Let there be cake! fun of the cake! The new holy fruit!
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General Discussion

It's time for more bugs you guys!

Because I haven't posted any sort of updates on the mantis in a while, and only just now realized I haven't shown any of the other things I have now :D. Pics are gonna be put in spoilers just so this isn't a massive post and so people can avoid lo...
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General Discussion

Transluminal Violet and You: An Expedition (And Event)

<Small handbills are plastered all over the Cornerclub! The walls, the floor- even the ceiling! One is even stuck on the back of the head of Six-Coins. He doesn't seem to have noticed the one stuck to him, though he appears visibly annoyed at t...
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General Discussion

RP, Events, Schedules and You!

After a bit of procrastination, I am starting to make a list regarding the Tribe of their more open days to arrange better times for RP events, or general Guild events such as pvp, skyshard running, trading day, etc. I'll be pestering everyone...
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Armor Styles

As ESO continues to expand the craftable styles, you start to run out of room listing the styles your character knows in the guild note. It is therefore my idea to list a complete list here and to update it when I learn new crafting styles. I will...
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Driggins Demo of Derptitude!

Trying this out. Want to show you guys what I see on the battlefield. Nvidia shadowplay is a hell of a lot better than fraps or the like. So we'll be seeing more of this. Not the best frame rate for 4k, but considering I've got that display plus a...
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General Discussion

I have updated NIVIDA Driver and I am lucky

I did play ESO with that update and did not experience issues. I have recently heard of news of that new driver version 364.47 screwing up their computer and frying their drivers. There is also different version doing the same. I am not going to b...
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General Discussion

Early Screenshots of your Character

Verrikan, way back around launch. VR1, Werewolf. Post your early screencaps of your character if you got them! Credit Zooks for the idea.
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Character Sheets

Ocheesha - now nerfed somewhat

Name:Ocheesha [oh-CHEE-shah](Och or Ochee for short)Basics:A female Argonian Nightblade. Around 23 in appearance. Unmerciful Shadowscale assassin. Member of An-Xileel. New member of the Jackals. Will commonly pose as a Dwemer artifact merchant whe...
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General Discussion

Cards Against Argonians: Cardcast Custom Deck~

So just make suggestions for call cards and white cards here, since I can't remember how to make it so anyone w/ a link can edit a deck. I'll add them to the deck as they're posted. And here's the code for whenever we wanna use it: MQU2D.To use a ...
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Dice Boxes!

I said I would post them after they were finished!
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General Discussion

Comedy Stylings of the Various Races

Not entirely canon work, but I found this be a relatively amusing read on the humour styles of the Dunmer and the Altmer.Have at it!
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