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About Left Hand of Death

I have been researching through Battlemaster's Corner to find Left Hand 0f Death's build. I have found that his/her build is Shadow Striker build. A vampire NB based build. I would recommend that you research the Battlemaster's Corner and get edge...
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Tips for Aspiring Thieves!

With the release of the thieves guild DLC on the horizon I figured I would repost a thread I one made on the official ESO forums when the Justice System first came out. Hello, this one's name is Dar'Rinja and chances are if you're reading this you...
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Here's the better video I took a few days ago :D.
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Dar'Rinja's guide to LockPicking!

Hello again, if you've taken a look at this one's previous guide you're probably wondering how do I become an amazing lockpick. Well fear no more. This one always has tricks up her sleeves.The tumblers will always wiggle in the positions shown abo...
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Mantis babbies

The video quality is shit b/c my camera is a potato, sorry about that.Tried to do an overlay here and it didn't wanna work so here's a link :D
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Character Sheets


NAME: Bree-SheaTRUE NAME: Smiles-While-HuntingPRONUNCIATION: BREE-ShayNICKNAMES: BreeAGE: 19BIRTH DATE: 9th of Sun's Dawn, 2E 563BIRTHPLACE: A small village near MurkmireBIRTHSIGN: The LoverRACE: ArgonianCLASS: NightbladeOCCUPATION: Huntress, danc...
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So I realized there might be more people than just me, Rex, and Lone farming dem fishes, and decided to share a great place I found in Wrothgar. There are explanations in the images, but I can always describe stuff here as well if need be. If you ...
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Weird Fallout stuff.

So I was dicking around in fallout 4 and... than I ended up here...Can I say WTF? Cause WTF.
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[Important] Skyshard Hunting Event hosted by me.

I plan to host Skyshard event on Feb. 6 or 7 depending on your preference that you can attend. Event start may be at 5-6pm PDT of elected day. The skyshard event is to collect sky shard in AD or DC zone of PvP. All members from Level 10 to Veteran...
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Might of the Guild

Ignite.The fleshfly buzzed around, zooming past Rulandil's face rather in a few drunked loops. The Altmer frowned, shooing it away from his already well-bitten nose, before focusing intently on the damned creature once more.Ignite, He thought, foc...
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Bear Mounts!!!

Bear Mounts!!! 3( 3( 3(
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Desk showoffs

Since I'm building my own desk and @Ras_Lei just finished building hers we figured we would post them to show off. Feel free to show off your own desk whether custom built or store bought.Day 1:Day 2:Day 3:Flat piece in the back of the left shelf ...
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If Mannimarco shows up in TES 6...

I can dream :3
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ESO has quit on me!

It happened while I was playing today, and I am wondering if that happened to you. The chat was getting interesting to follow then the game quit on me. I was also in middle of main quest when it happened. Can you tell me that I am not alone as I t...
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Art Reference Masterlist

Since we havea few artists on An-Xileel I have compiled a masterlist for reference material. I will be addint more. Feel free to add your own!•Anatomical References (humans & animals)• Fuck-ton of Anatomical References (tasteful nudity)•Kingd...
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[Spoiler] Darien Gautier

This is your spoiler leave if you haven't completed Covenant faction or Main story.
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Character Sheets


Not too many witnessed my coming, of all y'all mortals......Your unforgivable actions... ...Of all the sins you have made in the past... ...Shall be baptized in blood and fear......By Mother's will and I the Father's hands.------------------------...
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Greetings egg-brothers and sisters, A few days ago I received a message on Tamriel Foundry from a new player looking to join our growing community. However he is a console player(PS4), and since I don't know of anyone else here who plays on consol...
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The Dances of My People

Here it is, the clip of Fades and Kor dancing in-sync with matching costumes, and then Fades breaking reality (and himself) after the RP. Enjoy!
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*Commence 'Wild Flailing' Protocol*

Flight Rising is opening registration this month!Guys guys you should totally join FR and derp around with dragons with me :D. I have plenty of Familiars, Apparel, dergs, and other stuff I can give y'all if you join to help you start out (includin...
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