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Campaign change

I strongly suggest we change our campaign to bloodthorn it will be the most intense. opinions will be appreciated.
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Move complete

I finally got moved into my new apartment so I will be able to be online more often now.
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Guild PvE Activities

I think it would be fun to get together with other guild members to do some PvE content. Last week I had the opportunity to run around with a few guild members looking for sky shards.Other activities: Instanced Dungeons World Bosses Public Dungeon...
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Haas-ta-Thisk10741Member avatar small Irithain Doomscale 4y
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Shadowfen Quests.

Greetings fellow marsh-sisters, and -brothers.I have been trying to get the Shadowfen Quest achievement together with Tintinos, we are both at 61/62 so far. We do not seem to have enough luck to find the 62. quest.If anyone gets as far as Shadowfe...
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How many people have or are intending to make a TeamSpeak server? This way, we don't have multiple people making too many servers to use. I intend to make a server for the pack I am in, Nkai's pack "Temple-Guard", and also I might make one for u...
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I understand (slightly) the interest for some players to want to belong to multiple guilds. However, it is counterproductive for the guild to create presence when members have alts in other factions, especially and specifically when it comes to Pv...
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Guild meet up

I've missed all the guild meet ups and I was wondering if there will be another one so I can join the guild and add friends
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Okay everyone, I just got done playing with a group over in Cyrodiil, there were 6-8 of us. This is the size of the typical pack. And although it was fun, we were completely outmatched. There were simply too many people for us to do anything. W...
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The Siege

ZOS just released a new cinematic and for once it has Argonians in it!check it out here think they are perfectly done, what do you guys think?
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Holding a Keep

A question for those of you with experience in Cyrodil.How many keeps are there, and would it be possible to hold one?An An-Xileel keep would be the solution to a lot of our needs. A place to RP, an OOC meeting place, a goal for the PvP focused pe...
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On Roleplaying

One of the major reasons that I so hyped about ESO was the rping potential in my favorite fantasy setting. However, I've noticed a difficulty in finding people to rp with. On top of that, I've had a few ideas floating around in my head, especially...
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Stood in fire, stands once again in fire.

Greetings fellow marsh-brothers and -sisters.As we all know, I am an idiot and picked the wrong server.I have tried to change it.Thanks to everyone that tried to help me.Now the NA server is still downloading. So I hope some of us do not have the ...
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invite ingame

I was only able to be online this morning for a few hours and the guild hadn't been formed yet by the time I logged off. So I am wondering if the guild got formed and if there will be any officers online tomorrow morning around 8:30-10:00am CST so...
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Marsh-Shadow's Pack

My pack will focus on using hit and run tactics. I would like to have at least one healer, one or two ranged dps, and the rest I don't really mind. Once packs are fully established I hope to work with my pack members to form pvp strategies. I will...
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Seeing your group

Okay, so a lot of people were having problems seeing their guild-and/or-group-mates, so I'll explain how to fix the issue. When you group up with the people you want to see, under the group tab right click the name of the group leader. Click "Tr...
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Still Don't Have A Marsh-Pack on Launch Day? No Problem!:)

Hi, I am Talen-Rea I am also known as ItsDaMonster. I am a Marsh Warden in An-Xileel and I also have a Marsh-Pack. Do you not have a Marsh-Pack yet on Launch Day!? Do not freak out, because I still have LOTS of openings:) Here is a brief descr...
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Talen-Rea1206Small Talen-Rea 4y
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Campaign Hopesfire ! 1 pm PST - 4 pm EST meeting.

Announcement:The An-Xileel will be fighting on the Hopesfire campaign of Cyrodiil. And will be meeting at 1 pm pacific coast time - 4 pm east coast time, and 2pm mountain time.At the the Young Hist in the Argonian village just north of Eboonheart ...
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Gathering Time ?

What time do you want for the first An-Xileel gathering at the young Hist, north of ebonheart in stonefalls ? On early access march 30.
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Biology within the Elder Scrolls

Since the subject was brought up, I thought I would try to get the opinions of my Guild-mates... what should I cover in the first episode of "Biology in Video Games", which is related to Elder Scrolls?I've already started a thread, if you guys wan...
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Much needed Name Phonics

Maybe its just me but seeing all your wonderful names makes me sometimes scratch my head as to how to properly pronounce them :) so ill startAchillus-Prime ( Ahh-Key-Luss) Prime ( lol Prime is easy enough to pronounce lol)
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