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Might of the Guild

Ignite.The fleshfly buzzed around, zooming past Rulandil's face rather in a few drunked loops. The Altmer frowned, shooing it away from his already well-bitten nose, before focusing intently on the damned creature once more.Ignite, He thought, foc...
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Bear Mounts!!!

Bear Mounts!!! 3( 3( 3(
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If Mannimarco shows up in TES 6...

I can dream :3
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ESO has quit on me!

It happened while I was playing today, and I am wondering if that happened to you. The chat was getting interesting to follow then the game quit on me. I was also in middle of main quest when it happened. Can you tell me that I am not alone as I t...
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Art Reference Masterlist

Since we havea few artists on An-Xileel I have compiled a masterlist for reference material. I will be addint more. Feel free to add your own!•Anatomical References (humans & animals)• Fuck-ton of Anatomical References (tasteful nudity)•Kingd...
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[Spoiler] Darien Gautier

This is your spoiler leave if you haven't completed Covenant faction or Main story.
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Greetings egg-brothers and sisters, A few days ago I received a message on Tamriel Foundry from a new player looking to join our growing community. However he is a console player(PS4), and since I don't know of anyone else here who plays on consol...
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The Dances of My People

Here it is, the clip of Fades and Kor dancing in-sync with matching costumes, and then Fades breaking reality (and himself) after the RP. Enjoy!
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*Commence 'Wild Flailing' Protocol*

Flight Rising is opening registration this month!Guys guys you should totally join FR and derp around with dragons with me :D. I have plenty of Familiars, Apparel, dergs, and other stuff I can give y'all if you join to help you start out (includin...
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For reference.
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16 Accords of Madness XII

Hermaeus Mora's TaleThe Mad-Prince of buffoons and skooma-eaters looked upon the lands of Nirn on the seventh day of a winter and saw a wandering Argonian march into the lands of Elsweyr rather aimlessly. This intrigued him and caused him to wonde...
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I'm sorry everyone (Leb dis 4 u bruh)

Imagine her colors as your own!
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The Family (Vyyx's Story)

[Hi, this is a short backstory I wrote about Vyyx. How you enjoy it (it was featured in tamriel chronicle)]2e 564The youth named Vyyx ran through the grass with the Dunmer, laughing, playing tag. They were near the city, that city of tall walls an...
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My Character Arts

Greetings. I thought I'd make a thread about this after thinking about it and putting it off for a while. I've had an interest in character drawing for a while now, and been drawing my own and others characters. I'm still a bit rusty and in need o...
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Waits-At-Dawn (backstory)

(( Story scenes rumbling in my head for a while about how Waits-At-Dawn got his name and what it means. Comments are more than acceptable. ))As the first light of the morning touched the doorway of the slave barrack, a dark silhouette blocked part...
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English-Jel Glossary

For use as a quick reference during rp, for naming, or if you want to go ahead and memorize it all. That's what I did.There is no conjugation with Jel, so one word is many words. For example, the word for "hide" could be "hides", "one who hides", ...
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Anyone interested in helping me write my backstory?

I have it outlined, but I want to make it a full length story. I'm a rather prolific writer, but I love writing collaboratively. Just a warning, there will be transformation into an Argonian in it, so if you aren't a fan of that... :)
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Serpens-Strong-Tail's story

So here is my outline, would appreciate CC.Sorkmir Strong-Legs is a nord mage from Windhelm. He has grown tired of his own culture. The drunkenness, the brawls, and the general slash first, slash more, cleave a bit, and if the enemy is still in ...
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It was requested that I post some pictures from my latest trip to Korea, hopefully this link works. This is from my trip to the top of the highest peak on Mount Bukhansan in Seoul. There was a lot of impressive sites along the way that I didn't ...
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Which Khajiit sorcerer looks better?

I recently made 2 sorcerers in Ebonhart Pact (naturally) and got to the topic of wanting to play a sorc. I have an idea for builds for both of them with some suggestions from our Marsh-Warden Varex and figured a few more opinions are needed.So why...
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