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Which Campaign will we be choosing at launch?

They've announced which campaigns will be available at launch:Bloodthorn Scourge Chrysamere Auriel's Bow Wabbajack Volendrung Skull Crusher Dawnbreaker Goldbrand HopesfireWhich one will we be on?
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Walks-In-Whispers13877Small Twitches-His-Tail 4y
General Discussion

Time Zone

I am on Pacific Time, just curious if we have a guild timezone?
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Weedum-ja241824Small Ghanral-Ei 4y
General Discussion


Will we be using any kind of voice chat?We could post the details for the server/etc. here if we do or if anyone wants to set it up.
Small Hides-His-Eyes 4y
Hides-His-Eyes3277Small Nkai 4y
General Discussion

launch patch!

For those that do not know, you can now update your beta client to the official launch client. Just a heads up for those that like to prepare.. Just a few more days. See you all in game! For Argonia! and for the pact!
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Ju'daar2197Member avatar small Tkhel 4y
General Discussion

Which Mundus Stone do you belong to?

I belong to the ancient order of the Shadowscales, even as we are beging to fade away and crumble into pieces.
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General Discussion

Rise Children of the Root!

As the marsh-minstrel, it is about time I offered up a piece to put a fire in our hearts! A rally, a warcry.Rise, Rise! Children of the Root! Our time has now come.Rebel Against those who would oppress you,Resist those who would enslave you.Rememb...
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@Jubes10733Small Varax-Drek 4y
General Discussion

Imperial Edition Early Access Official Start times!!

Hello Marsh Brothers, couldnt seem to find an official answer to this so inquired and just got an Email from Zenimax Online saying Imperial Edition Early Access begins in NA on Sunday March 30th at 7:00am EST. Heres the official word form Zenimax...
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Achillus-Prime11674Small Dor-Calyn 4y
General Discussion

Rings of Mara?

I and a few others would like to know who/how many in the guild will be looking for a partner to share the bond of Mara.Will you have rings?Do you want a partner in the guild?
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General Discussion

The Ruby Throne

What do you believe should be done with white tower and empire, after the threat of Molag Bal is removed.In my opinion we should find their, Amulet of Kings. Find it, and take it deep into Argonia's heart, and hide it. So that no emperor either el...
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General Discussion

Lukiul Uxith

In the north-western corner of stonefalls is a wonderful little argonian village by the name of Lukiul Uxith. I dont know if any of you saw it in the beta or not but i figured we could use it for a RP/lore friendly meeting place in addition to the...
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General Discussion

The Young Hist

On the islands north of Ebonheart in Stonefalls there is a young Hist in the Argonian village for those who didn't find it. What do think of making that, our first meeting place ?
Small Nkai 5y
Nkai171090Small Nkai 5y
General Discussion

The Races of Men

What is your opinion on the young races of men ? To me they pose a greater threat to our race then even the elves. The children of Lorkhan were created unfinished, and will never be satisfied with what they already have, and will always lust for m...
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Nkai121137Small Oiklav 5y
General Discussion

Nords... whats your opinion?

Well, im sure not many of us like the dunmer, one of our allies, but what are your opinion on the Nords? Personally, I liked Tiber Septim as Emperor, but many Nords are arrogant and unintelligent. Let me know what you think.
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General Discussion

Elven Kind! Smite them or give them a chance?

Well guys today we will disscuss the elven races. Here are the guidelines:1.Tell us which race you think is the worst. (In terms of being jerks)2.Tell us which race you think has a bad reputation or isn't that bad.3.Tell us why.Debate is also allo...
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General Discussion

Shove THAT in your grey face!

Think about how much of an insult it would be to both man and mer if an argonian sat on the emperors throne. The kind of argonians will once again rule tamriel. If I was emperor, i would help our other enslaved brothers, the khajiit, to get more f...
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General Discussion


What is your opinion on the feline-folk of elsweyr.
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General Discussion

Beta this Weekend 03/14 - 03/16!!!

Confirmed via Twitter:
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Walks-In-Whispers15952Small Ju'daar 5y
General Discussion

Vanity Pets

Does anyone know how to get the vanity pets? I pre-ordered the Imperial Edition and have participated in the last 3 beta weekends, and I haven't been emailed about how to claim them.
Small Heednum Naggulus 5y
Heednum Naggulus3274Small Heednum Naggulus 5y
General Discussion

Squad Roles/Tactics

I thought maybe we could plan who goes in what group.We could start by saying what roles our characters are, (DPS, Tank, Healer, Support) and go from there.Like my Lvl. 15 Nightblade Archer is usually more of a Support/DPS role.We could put all th...
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General Discussion

What Campaign will we meet on?

What campaign will we be playing on this beta session?
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