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General Discussion

Hatchling Group

This thread is for anyone who plans on creating a new character when the beta starts. We could group and team up.Anyone wanting to should reply with their username. Also feel free to put in any ideas you may have for things like strategy or whatever.
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Hides-His-Eyes4441Small Haas-ta-Thisk 5y
General Discussion

Advanced CC (video)

Video demonstrates nuances of how CC (Crowd Control) works in ESO PvP. was surprised to see it was this complicated. For example, I didn't realize you could block CC, like Fiery Reach.
Small Haas-ta-Thisk 5y
Haas-ta-Thisk3363Small Walks-In-Whispers 5y
General Discussion

First Meeting Location ?

The date for early access draws near, so we should decide where the first great gathering of the An-Xileel will be held.
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General Discussion


I ordered the digital copy, don't plan on playing an Imperial so I skipped the Imperial Ed. Who all has pre-ordered here?
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General Discussion

Squad Leaders

ESO is based on groups of 4 members, and larger groups of 4 member blocks. We need to start planning squad tactics like who leeds and how we organize the squads. Squad tactics will vary on the groups composition so we have some time to make plans ...
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General Discussion

Membership recruitment?

Membership recruitment?I noticed we only have 22 people signed up on the guild website versus 48 signed up at the foundry.We may wish to send messages to all the members encouraging joining this site.It would be cool if we could do a recruitment d...
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Mal-Sidus4396Small Slips-Through-Trees 5y
General Discussion

(Fan Fiction) Elder Scrolls: Anomaly

In case you guys didn't know already, I'm a novice writer. Since I started playing the Elder Scrolls games, I have been trying to define a character I can associate with the lore. Thus, Lunis Spellweaver was born. After some inspiration, I decided...
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General Discussion

Knahaten Flu

1- The Knahaten Flu began in the city of Stormhold in 2E 560, and quickly spread to every corner of Black Marsh and beyond, killing all non-Argonians. It continued to plague Tamriel unabated, until finally, four decades later, in the year 2E 603, ...
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General Discussion

Beta Weekend.

Here you tell your guild mates, what you are doing for the beta. And where you can also organize small group meet ups. And for anyone willing, Haas-ta-Thisk might need more help, experimenting with the guild functions.I shall be creating the first...
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