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Information about crafters within the guild
Trading items within the guild
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Dice Boxes!

I said I would post them after they were finished!
Small Darmah 6y
Darmah21200Small Driggins 6y

Desk showoffs

Since I'm building my own desk and @Ras_Lei just finished building hers we figured we would post them to show off. Feel free to show off your own desk whether custom built or store bought.Day 1:Day 2:Day 3:Flat piece in the back of the left shelf ...
Small Darmah 6y
Darmah2975Member avatar small Kaj-Keshu 6y

Potion Recipes

Some of these may be incorrect. The source I used was incomplete, and I had all these in a notepad document sorting them out. If during the next beta you find some that are off, let me know and I'll change it.Potions with no negative effects:Detec...
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