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[Pinned] The Marsh-Packs 2

Now that each warden has posted their general roles, and strategies. We felt it best to redo this poll. And please don't worry about hurting anyones feelings.
Small Nkai 8y
Nkai3813023Small Scales-That-Glimmer 8y

About Left Hand of Death

I have been researching through Battlemaster's Corner to find Left Hand 0f Death's build. I have found that his/her build is Shadow Striker build. A vampire NB based build. I would recommend that you research the Battlemaster's Corner and get edge...
Member avatar small Saphir'Dra 6y
Saphir'Dra0909Member avatar small Saphir'Dra 6y

Holding a Keep

A question for those of you with experience in Cyrodil.How many keeps are there, and would it be possible to hold one?An An-Xileel keep would be the solution to a lot of our needs. A place to RP, an OOC meeting place, a goal for the PvP focused pe...
Small Scales-That-Glimmer 8y
Scales-That-Glimmer82533Member avatar small Hericine Meteus 8y

Amazing Tactics for Dragon-Knights and Night-Blades

Here's two videos that I think any DK or NB should watch because this guy clearly knows his stuff. Even if your not DK or NB , its good to know your enemy !For Night Blades
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Achillus-Prime41450Small Scales-That-Glimmer 8y

The Marsh-Packs

This is where you can say which Pack, you most prefer. However be aware we might not be able to put you in your first choice. Given which class you are, and how many warriors each Warden has.
Small Nkai 8y
Nkai258579Small Oiklav 8y
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