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Armor Styles

As ESO continues to expand the craftable styles, you start to run out of room listing the styles your character knows in the guild note. It is therefore my idea to list a complete list here and to update it when I learn new crafting styles. I will...
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Crafting, What will your profession be?

Black Smith/Enchanter/Wood workingI'm in a unique position where I'll be using a staff with heavy armor so the above three trades seems the most logical for me to level up for the best end game gear.So for the record in game I'll try to provide th...
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Mal-Sidus342903Small Ankhor Kota-Sax-Blood 2y

Leveling major professions Via Inspiration

Being that you can be a member in 5 guilds at once, one of the guilds I will be in at launch is a trading guild. apparently, if you are working on Blacksmithing, Clothier, or Woodworking, and you breakdown items made by another player, you will ge...
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Why you should choose Alchemy

Even if you're not going to be making any potions, the Medicinal Use passive (When using potions, resulting effects last 30% longer.) is just too good to pass up.Especially with our Amphibious passive (Increases swimming speed by 50% and the effec...
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Supply, Demand, and the Bank

As someone who plans to supply the guild crafters from loot I find, I was pondering how to balance guildmate/guild needs vs. my own 'sell stuff to make money to buy stuff' needs.We have, I believe, 50 slots in the Bank (assuming we have enough mem...
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Scales-That-Glimmer1141Small Scales-That-Glimmer 4y

Armor and weapon crafting simulator

Y'all might already know about this, but for any who haven't seen it yet:Here is a handy crafting simulator. It only covers Smithing, Clothing, and Woodworking, which are all similar in their mechanics.EsoHead Crafting Simulator.Say you are thinki...
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