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[Pinned] Nkai's Pack ( The Temple-gaurd )

My pack shall focus mostly on survivability and defense. As well as working together with other packs, to locate and destroy weakened targets. There will be a lot of guarding outposts, and helping attack or steal resources. And generally just be h...
Small Nkai 4y
Nkai151136Member avatar small Hericine Meteus 4y

Driggins Demo of Derptitude!

Trying this out. Want to show you guys what I see on the battlefield. Nvidia shadowplay is a hell of a lot better than fraps or the like. So we'll be seeing more of this. Not the best frame rate for 4k, but considering I've got that display plus a...
Small Driggins 2y
Driggins4639Small Driggins 2y

PvP Nights

Time to paint the map red in Hopesfire. I think its time we start having regular guild pvp nights. At the moment saturday nights are best for me but I will ad a poll to this to see what time is best for you.-Marsh
Small Marsh-Shadow 3y
Marsh-Shadow3413Small Marsh-Shadow 3y

Campaign change

I strongly suggest we change our campaign to bloodthorn it will be the most intense. opinions will be appreciated.
Member avatar small Irithain Doomscale 4y
Irithain Doomscale4406Small Axolotl 4y

Marsh-Shadow's Pack

My pack will focus on using hit and run tactics. I would like to have at least one healer, one or two ranged dps, and the rest I don't really mind. Once packs are fully established I hope to work with my pack members to form pvp strategies. I will...
Small Marsh-Shadow 4y
Marsh-Shadow7573Small Heednum Naggulus 4y

Current pack listing (Irithains)

Hides-in-Smoke, Slips-Her-Bonds, Achillus-Prime, Oiklav, Haas-ta-Thisk,Ghanral-Ei, Irithain Doomscale, Hides-His-Eyes
Member avatar small Irithain Doomscale 4y
Irithain Doomscale1170Member avatar small Irithain Doomscale 4y

The Shadows of the Hist (Irithains Pack)

My pack is going to be focused on,high melee damge,stealth,sutainability(life draining,tanking,healing).
Member avatar small Irithain Doomscale 4y
Irithain Doomscale11704Small Haas-ta-Thisk 4y

The Brotherhood of the Mist (Name subject to change) (Hjaal's pack)

Just as the mist comes and goes, we strike and leave noting but a pile of bodies in our wake. We strike fear, weaken plans, and cause mayhem wherever we strike.The Brotherhood of the Mist is strongly orientated toward guerrilla warfare or scouting...
Small Slips-Through-Trees 4y
Slips-Through-Trees8616Small Hides-His-Eyes 4y

Pulling from the herd

So I had this idea on how we can perhaps engage in some individual takedowns during front line combat situations. Sneaking into a zerg seems like bad things waiting to happen. So what about reversing the situation and bring individual targets to u...
Small Waits-In-Tall-Reeds 4y
Waits-In-Tall-Reeds7446Small Hides-His-Eyes 4y

Tips and Tricks

So I've been consuming a lot of PST streams/videos lately, and picked up on a few things and wanted to share them: Lumber Mills increase the power of the NPC mages in a keep. If you don't take them before you take a keep, they can seriously mess u...
Small Walks-In-Whispers 4y
Walks-In-Whispers9530Small Haas-ta-Thisk 4y

The Oilamo

This groups clever use of oil pots allows them to defend this tower for a long time against a zerg:
Small Walks-In-Whispers 4y
Walks-In-Whispers6402Small Walks-In-Whispers 4y
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