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Character Sheets

A pair of Character Khajsheets

Darkosh VabavaRace: Khajiit CathayGender: FemaleAge: 19Appearance: Moderately tall Cathay female, spotted white fur and a “mane” of black hair fur between her ears down to her neck, with bluish cat-like eyes. Darkosh prefers to keep a series of ...
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Character Sheets

Ocheesha - now nerfed somewhat

Name:Ocheesha [oh-CHEE-shah](Och or Ochee for short)Basics:A female Argonian Nightblade. Around 23 in appearance. Unmerciful Shadowscale assassin. Member of An-Xileel. New member of the Jackals. Will commonly pose as a Dwemer artifact merchant whe...
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Character Sheets


NAME: Bree-SheaTRUE NAME: Smiles-While-HuntingPRONUNCIATION: BREE-ShayNICKNAMES: BreeAGE: 19BIRTH DATE: 9th of Sun's Dawn, 2E 563BIRTHPLACE: A small village near MurkmireBIRTHSIGN: The LoverRACE: ArgonianCLASS: NightbladeOCCUPATION: Huntress, danc...
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Character Sheets


Not too many witnessed my coming, of all y'all mortals......Your unforgivable actions... ...Of all the sins you have made in the past... ...Shall be baptized in blood and fear......By Mother's will and I the Father's hands.------------------------...
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Character Sheets

Character Bio: Judana

Name: JudanaGender: FemaleAge: 25Race: ArgonianSub-Race: NoneAlliance: Ebonheart PactOccupation(s): Member of the Fighter's Guild and the Mage's Guild, Alchemist, ClothierClass: NightbladePersonality: Somewhat distant, but caring about her allies ...
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Character Sheets

Fades; A Reference

Well, if you're around reading the forum, the Fades' backstory is somewhere back there, but otherwise, here's a small reference for him.---Fades-to-Shadows.A strange Argonian, to both men, mer and Saxhleel alike. A short, stick-thin Saxhleel somew...
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Character Sheets

Holes-In-Head: Character Info

Typically, roleplaying (RP) character biographies include information and secrets that no one but one's family or closest friends (and sometimes not even then) would or could know. While it's incorrect to let your own characters have this knowled...
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