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The Hist Walker

Rank: Marsh-Kin
Online: 6 years ago
Joined: Jan 23, 2015
Nick Name: Hist
Gender: Male
Country: United States of America
State/Province: Michigan
City: St johns Area
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Born and raised in Helstrom, he spent most his life preparing to join the shadow scales. Long grueling days and tireless nights, brought discipline and a great mastery of ones body. After practicing with a former shadow scale so as to be able to take the test, he was informed that he was unable to join. Looking for a way to prove himself in hopes of changing there minds, he came across a band of dark robed people stealing his egg brothers and sisters. Feeling compelled to act on there behalf he started sneaking through the swamp towards the enemy.

Just as he was getting ready to leap out and get one of these robed figures, he blacked out only to find himself too; a part of the culling. Do to his growing up in Helstrom, and his dedication to his craft, he knew very little about the politics outside of black marsh and cared very little to find out. He had heard about there race being taken as slaves by the dark elves, but did not harbor any ill will against them. He is very neutral in regards to politics and just loves to explore.

He will use his well honed skills to defend others and to free his homeland from all those that wish to invade.