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Holes-In-Head / Aug 15, 2016
We've been here at shivtr for over two years now, and there's nothing wrong with the site or with shivtr...

...but the entire ESO community is on enjin, and it's isolated us from other guilds to remain here. So it's finally time to make the move.

Accordingly, all scale-kin must now register an account at our new website:

Like this site, you must be approved before your account becomes active.

Note that if you already have an account at any enjin site, you can log into it (accounts are sitewide) and sign up for An-Xileel.

This website will remain here for archival purposes, and you can still log in to look at old threads - but please don't post here anymore. Use the new site...

...and if you have any threads you think should be moved, feel free to post links to them, or to copy the important parts of the thread itself.

Holes-In-Head, Archwarden
Holes-In-Head / Aug 08, 2016
After over a year and a half as our Archwarden, Varax-Drek (@EnderBunker) will be stepping down as Archwarden to deal with real-life responsibilities. (All to the good!)

On Wednesday 8/10, 5PST/8EST, we celebrate his tenure - during which he transformed An-Xileel from a small, nearly-dead place into the bustling, thriving guild we all enjoy today - and the formal passing of Archwarden to current Marsh-Warden Holes-In-Head.

All are welcome to attend and celebrate, not just roleplayers. Come join us! (Ingame location will be announced at the time of the event.)

(Varax will be temporarily out of game while his IRL situation stabilizes, but he's not leaving permanently: he'll return when he can, and as Archwarden Emeritus, will remain a member of the Marsh-Council.)

-Marsh-Warden Holes-In-Head
Holes-In-Head / Mar 20, 2016
(You find the following notice tacked to the An-Xileel Hist, under the big branch. A complex Argonian symbol is printed at the top and bottom, via Holes-In-Head's personal seal.)

Sisters and brothers of An-Xileel:

I have proudly served An-Xileel, and you, its members, for nearly two years. I work tirelessly to strengthen the Marsh, the Hist, and the Children of the Root.

Yet, recent events lead me to believe that some of you think I should not lead you. Accordingly, I use my authority as Marsh-Warden to call a vote.

All members of An-Xileel may vote. You may state your confidence in my leadership by voting for me. You may state your lack of confidence in my leadership by voting for any other member of An-Xileel - one whom you trust to lead us more than you trust me. Your vote will be confidential.

If a significant number of our members vote "no confidence" in my leadership by naming another, I shall step down - and you may select your new leader yourselves, from those named by your votes.

I accept your judgment with calm and humility.



This is an IC action. If you are not a roleplayer, you do not need to concern yourself with this.

Who can vote: Any IC member of An-Xileel. If you have a rank of Guardian or Elder, you are an IC member of An-Xileel. If you are a Marsh-Councillor or above and you RP, you are also an IC member of An-Xileel. If your rank is Marsh-Kin or Hatchling, you are not yet an IC member of An-Xileel: see our rank guide. If you feel your rank is incorrect, contact either myself (@femmecalico) or Varax-Drek(@EnderBunker), Archwarden.

How to vote: Send a PM, here on this website, to Fades-To-Shadows, with the subject "My vote", and the message body containing a single name: either Holes-In-Head, or the name of another member of An-Xileel. You may not vote for yourself. Any vote containing anything other than a single name is void.

All votes must be received before the RP meeting on Thursday, March 24, 6PST/9EST, at our Hist. The vote will be revealed ICly, though the actual voting is done by PM so that those who cannot attend at that time can still vote.
Varax-Drek / Mar 06, 2016
Discord is an in-browser voice service. (No download required!) It will be the official voice server used for PvP and end game PvE, where communication is needed.

Follow this link: for an invite. We are sitting in "Tales of Tamriel" and the text channel is #lizardsquaddo

Voice chat will never be a requirement for guild events, However it can provide a tactical advantage. Hosts of certain events may ask you to at least listen in.

Varax-Drek, Archwarden
Fades-To-Shadows, Marsh-councilor
Varax-Drek / Feb 11, 2016
Greetings An-Xileel!

Recently the bank has been absolutely overflowing! As a guild we have managed to amass a wealth of gold and items. While this is great, it has resulted in the need to spend hours sorting through the bank. We now need to move into a more sustainable system. If you would like to contribute to the guilds stockpile and help out your fellow guildies please follow these guidelines.

1- The single most important rule is: Check the bank before depositing.

2- Take only as much as you need. i.e. If you need ingots for armor, take a stack, craft the armor, and re-deposit what you don't use.

3- Do not deposit the following items if a full stack already exists.
  • common style stones
  • trait stones (excluding nirn)
  • provisioning materials
  • raw and refined ore, wood, or cloth of a lower level then Vet 10
4- Do not deposit armor/weapons/jewelry under blue quality without ornate or intricate traits. This includes found and crafted sets. (though some exceptions exist, ask for a price check if unsure) Consider deconstructing such items and depositing the resulting materials. Which everyone can use easily.

5- When withdrawing items please consider depositing items of close to equal value. This is not a requirement but is encouraged

6- Lower ranking players may feel free to ask in guild chat for items from the bank. Players with access should have good enough judgment to decide what is ok to give out.

Please try and be conscious of these rules and our bank should stay neatly organized, full, and easily navigable.
Varax-Drek, Archwarden
Holes-In-Head, Marsh-Warden
Aki-Ei magdel, Marsh-counciler, Scale-Keeper
Varax-Drek / Feb 03, 2016
A quick visual ---

All new members join at "Hatchling" rank.

Only Saxhleel ("Argonians") may join. You may play alts of other races, but you are only a member as your Saxhleel.

If you are a roleplayer, the ranks are: Marsh-Kin, Guardian, Elder. Please note that these are OOC ranks that allow specific OOC privileges, not IC titles!

* Marsh-Kin: You have roleplayed with us enough times to be recognized as a competent RPer. However, you are not yet ICly a member of An-Xileel, and may not represent yourself ICly as such. (This rank includes characters in the process of becoming members, RP antagonists, and those who otherwise can't become IC members, but who still want to RP with us.) OOC, Marsh-Kin gain the right to invite new members to An-Xileel.

* Guardian: You have ICly been accepted and initiated as a member of An-Xileel. You can claim membership in your RP, and wear our guild tabard IC. OOC, Guardians gain access to the An-Xileel guild bank.

* Elder: You have led and DMed guild RPs and you help plan events. OOC, Elders can edit the MOTD, which is how we announce upcoming events.

If you are not a roleplayer, the ranks are: Scout, Strider, Voyager.

* Scout: You've run dungeons with us, or otherwise contributed to the guild in a way recognized by Marsh-Council or above. Like Marsh-Kin, you gain the right to invite new members.

* Strider: You've contributed enough to the guild that we judge you highly trustworthy. Like Guardians, you gain access to the An-Xileel guild bank.

* Voyager: You regularly lead dungeon runs, PvP runs, and semi-frequent guild events. Like Elders, you gain the ability to edit the guild MOTD.

The only members of An-Xileel who can promote or demote others are of Marsh-Council, Marsh-Warden, or Archwarden rank. Only the Archwarden and Marsh-Warden can kick others from the guild.

Many players may find that their rank changes over the upcoming days as we implement this system. If you believe your new rank is in error, please let us know. We appreciate your patience!


Varax-Drek, Archwarden
Holes-In-Head, Marsh-Warden
Holes-In-Head / Aug 10, 2015
The ranks of An-Xileel continue to grow, and we have many, many Hatchlings (new members) amongst our ranks. Accordingly, An-Xileel is gathering on Thursday 8/13, 6PDT/9EDT.

Everyone is invited to attend, but new members are especially encouraged. Not only will you meet your sisters and brothers - you'll learn who we are, a bit of our history, our simple rules of conduct (both IC and OOC), how we represent the Marsh and the Hist, and how you can integrate yourself both into An-Xileel and the greater EP-NA community.

We look forward to seeing all our marsh-kin there! -H