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New Player Orientation and Initiation, Thursday 8/13, 6PDT/9EDT!

Holes-In-Head / Aug 10, 2015
The ranks of An-Xileel continue to grow, and we have many, many Hatchlings (new members) amongst our ranks. Accordingly, An-Xileel is gathering on Thursday 8/13, 6PDT/9EDT.

Everyone is invited to attend, but new members are especially encouraged. Not only will you meet your sisters and brothers - you'll learn who we are, a bit of our history, our simple rules of conduct (both IC and OOC), how we represent the Marsh and the Hist, and how you can integrate yourself both into An-Xileel and the greater EP-NA community.

We look forward to seeing all our marsh-kin there! -H


I have work that night but I will attempt to get that night off because I would greatly benefit from this.
Edit: Success! I will be there!
How exciting! :D Looking forward to it hopefully I can make it! I may even take my new alt Drinks-Many-Sweet-Teas. :P
Sadly I'll be sleeping through that time. Suppose I'll have to learn another way.
Thursdays aren't usually good for me, but I will definitely try to be there.
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