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An-Xileel Ranks and Privileges: A Short Guide

Varax-Drek / Feb 03, 2016
A quick visual ---

All new members join at "Hatchling" rank.

Only Saxhleel ("Argonians") may join. You may play alts of other races, but you are only a member as your Saxhleel.

If you are a roleplayer, the ranks are: Marsh-Kin, Guardian, Elder. Please note that these are OOC ranks that allow specific OOC privileges, not IC titles!

* Marsh-Kin: You have roleplayed with us enough times to be recognized as a competent RPer. However, you are not yet ICly a member of An-Xileel, and may not represent yourself ICly as such. (This rank includes characters in the process of becoming members, RP antagonists, and those who otherwise can't become IC members, but who still want to RP with us.) OOC, Marsh-Kin gain the right to invite new members to An-Xileel.

* Guardian: You have ICly been accepted and initiated as a member of An-Xileel. You can claim membership in your RP, and wear our guild tabard IC. OOC, Guardians gain access to the An-Xileel guild bank.

* Elder: You have led and DMed guild RPs and you help plan events. OOC, Elders can edit the MOTD, which is how we announce upcoming events.

If you are not a roleplayer, the ranks are: Scout, Strider, Voyager.

* Scout: You've run dungeons with us, or otherwise contributed to the guild in a way recognized by Marsh-Council or above. Like Marsh-Kin, you gain the right to invite new members.

* Strider: You've contributed enough to the guild that we judge you highly trustworthy. Like Guardians, you gain access to the An-Xileel guild bank.

* Voyager: You regularly lead dungeon runs, PvP runs, and semi-frequent guild events. Like Elders, you gain the ability to edit the guild MOTD.

The only members of An-Xileel who can promote or demote others are of Marsh-Council, Marsh-Warden, or Archwarden rank. Only the Archwarden and Marsh-Warden can kick others from the guild.

Many players may find that their rank changes over the upcoming days as we implement this system. If you believe your new rank is in error, please let us know. We appreciate your patience!


Varax-Drek, Archwarden
Holes-In-Head, Marsh-Warden


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