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An An-Xileel's Guide to proper Banking.

Varax-Drek / Feb 11, 2016
Greetings An-Xileel!

Recently the bank has been absolutely overflowing! As a guild we have managed to amass a wealth of gold and items. While this is great, it has resulted in the need to spend hours sorting through the bank. We now need to move into a more sustainable system. If you would like to contribute to the guilds stockpile and help out your fellow guildies please follow these guidelines.

1- The single most important rule is: Check the bank before depositing.

2- Take only as much as you need. i.e. If you need ingots for armor, take a stack, craft the armor, and re-deposit what you don't use.

3- Do not deposit the following items if a full stack already exists.
  • common style stones
  • trait stones (excluding nirn)
  • provisioning materials
  • raw and refined ore, wood, or cloth of a lower level then Vet 10
4- Do not deposit armor/weapons/jewelry under blue quality without ornate or intricate traits. This includes found and crafted sets. (though some exceptions exist, ask for a price check if unsure) Consider deconstructing such items and depositing the resulting materials. Which everyone can use easily.

5- When withdrawing items please consider depositing items of close to equal value. This is not a requirement but is encouraged

6- Lower ranking players may feel free to ask in guild chat for items from the bank. Players with access should have good enough judgment to decide what is ok to give out.

Please try and be conscious of these rules and our bank should stay neatly organized, full, and easily navigable.
Varax-Drek, Archwarden
Holes-In-Head, Marsh-Warden
Aki-Ei magdel, Marsh-counciler, Scale-Keeper

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Hmmmm, what's the stance on Food/Potions/Drink?
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