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A Vote Of Confidence, Or No Confidence

Holes-In-Head / Mar 20, 2016
(You find the following notice tacked to the An-Xileel Hist, under the big branch. A complex Argonian symbol is printed at the top and bottom, via Holes-In-Head's personal seal.)

Sisters and brothers of An-Xileel:

I have proudly served An-Xileel, and you, its members, for nearly two years. I work tirelessly to strengthen the Marsh, the Hist, and the Children of the Root.

Yet, recent events lead me to believe that some of you think I should not lead you. Accordingly, I use my authority as Marsh-Warden to call a vote.

All members of An-Xileel may vote. You may state your confidence in my leadership by voting for me. You may state your lack of confidence in my leadership by voting for any other member of An-Xileel - one whom you trust to lead us more than you trust me. Your vote will be confidential.

If a significant number of our members vote "no confidence" in my leadership by naming another, I shall step down - and you may select your new leader yourselves, from those named by your votes.

I accept your judgment with calm and humility.



This is an IC action. If you are not a roleplayer, you do not need to concern yourself with this.

Who can vote: Any IC member of An-Xileel. If you have a rank of Guardian or Elder, you are an IC member of An-Xileel. If you are a Marsh-Councillor or above and you RP, you are also an IC member of An-Xileel. If your rank is Marsh-Kin or Hatchling, you are not yet an IC member of An-Xileel: see our rank guide. If you feel your rank is incorrect, contact either myself (@femmecalico) or Varax-Drek(@EnderBunker), Archwarden.

How to vote: Send a PM, here on this website, to Fades-To-Shadows, with the subject "My vote", and the message body containing a single name: either Holes-In-Head, or the name of another member of An-Xileel. You may not vote for yourself. Any vote containing anything other than a single name is void.

All votes must be received before the RP meeting on Thursday, March 24, 6PST/9EST, at our Hist. The vote will be revealed ICly, though the actual voting is done by PM so that those who cannot attend at that time can still vote.


As Arch-Warden Varax shows fervent and stalwart support of Holes-In-Head. Without whom the revitalization and rebirth of the once derelict An-Xileel would still be an unrealized fantasy. A Xanmeer destined to sit forever submerged in the mud of Blackmarsh.

The ground shifts quickly in the marsh my An-Xileel,
And the Hist does not forget.

Arch-Warden Varax-Drek
Judana needs all available Shadowscales present before this begins. It will be explained then, not now.
"Wholeheartedly, Holes has my support. Yes, things have been slow as of late and I've got my maw full with things on my plate too, but I feel that yes, things can get tough. Nothing has moved me to thinking that there are issues of leadership confidence. Water does trickle at times or flow in a torrent. How we shape it and turn it defines us."
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