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A Celebration of Growth and Change, 8/10/16

Holes-In-Head / Aug 08, 2016
After over a year and a half as our Archwarden, Varax-Drek (@EnderBunker) will be stepping down as Archwarden to deal with real-life responsibilities. (All to the good!)

On Wednesday 8/10, 5PST/8EST, we celebrate his tenure - during which he transformed An-Xileel from a small, nearly-dead place into the bustling, thriving guild we all enjoy today - and the formal passing of Archwarden to current Marsh-Warden Holes-In-Head.

All are welcome to attend and celebrate, not just roleplayers. Come join us! (Ingame location will be announced at the time of the event.)

(Varax will be temporarily out of game while his IRL situation stabilizes, but he's not leaving permanently: he'll return when he can, and as Archwarden Emeritus, will remain a member of the Marsh-Council.)

-Marsh-Warden Holes-In-Head

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Well I can now say with confidence that I made the right decision leaving the guild in Varax's hands. The An-Xileel is a larger and more active guild than I ever cold have made it. And I look forward to Holes' time as Archwarden. Great job you guys!
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