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An-Xileel Is Moving! All scale-kin must register for our new website

Holes-In-Head / Aug 15, 2016
We've been here at shivtr for over two years now, and there's nothing wrong with the site or with shivtr...

...but the entire ESO community is on enjin, and it's isolated us from other guilds to remain here. So it's finally time to make the move.

Accordingly, all scale-kin must now register an account at our new website:

Like this site, you must be approved before your account becomes active.

Note that if you already have an account at any enjin site, you can log into it (accounts are sitewide) and sign up for An-Xileel.

This website will remain here for archival purposes, and you can still log in to look at old threads - but please don't post here anymore. Use the new site...

...and if you have any threads you think should be moved, feel free to post links to them, or to copy the important parts of the thread itself.

Holes-In-Head, Archwarden


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