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Holes-In-Head / Feb 10, 2015
There is so much going on right now, and there are so many adventures for us to be involved in, that we are simply going to designate Thursday night, 6PM PST/9PM EST, as our recurring An-Xileel roleplay night...starting this Thursday!

Note that this is an hour earlier than before, at the request of our East Coast members. (If you want to join us but the time and day does not work for you, please message me ingame.)

Also note that there is plenty of roleplay going on at other times. If you want to be more involved or help organize events, let me know.

Stay moist, scale-kin. -H
Marsh-Shadow / Jan 25, 2015
Greetings egg-brothers and sisters! I have decided to step down as Archwarden of the guild. I feel bad that I haven't really done anything as Archwarden in a while and honestly, I'm just not that motivated to. My playtime recently has also been pretty erratic. I just don't want this guild to slip back into our old ways. I'm not leaving the guild or anything, I'm still going to be a member and I will also try to make more of the guild gatherings/events that Holes-In-Head has been kind enough to plan. (I apologize if anyone else was involved in the planning, if so thank you too) This guild deserves a better leader so if anyone is interested in becoming the next Archwarden of the An-Xileel.

Holes-In-Head / Nov 18, 2014
The ranks of An-Xileel are growing, with many new members and several returned from absence. I erect the spine of welcome to each of you!

First, please right-click on your name in the An-Xileel guild roster, select "Add Note" (or "Edit Note" if you already have one), and add some information:
  • Your Saxhleel name, so we know who you are if you're pleying an alt
  • Any play style you're interested in: roleplay, PvP, crafting (which?), trials and group dungeons, ... Also note if you're an expert willing to teach, or a beginner wanting to learn more.
  • If you RP, a sentence or two about your character(s) and the type of RP you're looking for.

Second, don't be afraid to use guild chat. Looking to trade crafting traits or mats? Looking for a group? Have questions? Ask your scale-brothers and scale-sisters!

Third, as the keeper of Guild lore, I recommend that you read this thread on our origins, and that you make use of the forums.

Swift current, scale-brothers and scale-sisters. -Holes-In-Head, Lorekeeper and Marsh-Councillor
Marsh-Shadow / Sep 30, 2014
Greetings! As you may have noticed I haven't been in game for quite some time now. I've been getting pretty bored lately and the vr bump to 14 didn't help with that. My sub ended on the 18th so I decided to just cancel it for a bit. I will keep my eye on ESO so I will comeback once I am really excited about a new update. See you all soon. May the hist guide your hands.

Holes-In-Head / Sep 19, 2014
To all RPers and aspiring RPers:

Come help represent An-Xileel at upcoming events! The first one is this Sunday the 21st of September, 3PM PST/6PM EST.

Message me ASAP here or in-game. Don't worry if you're not an experienced RPer: I'll help you set up, get dressed, deal with basic etiquette, etc.

Also, I'll need help to organize and host future events, so contact me if you'd like to help. -H