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(Nov 02, 2015)
(Oct 20, 2015)
(Oct 19, 2015)
(Oct 10, 2015)
(Oct 04, 2015)
We need to use this more often
(Sep 20, 2015)
Hello again, Sings-In-Shade is back!
(Jul 15, 2015)
Updated the English-Jel glossary with a possible Jel translation for 'no'!
(Jun 11, 2015)
I'm back! got my rig built today and will be attending RP tonight!
(Mar 25, 2015)
Uh... I just moved out, and I have internet issues. Sorry guys, I'll have to wait a little longer...
(Mar 23, 2015)
Just noticed we currently have 120 members! This guild has come so far over the past few months.
(Mar 20, 2015)
As soon as the game updates, I'll be rejoining. No idea how long it will take. :(
(Feb 09, 2015)
Though cold winds may blow, Sithis endures.
(Feb 08, 2015)
And welcome, scale-kin!
(Feb 08, 2015)
Hail, marsh-kin!
(Jan 23, 2015)
well, welcome back Lunis
(Jan 23, 2015)
Why do I feel like I haven't played in an eternity... Well, I'm back, egg-brothers!
(Jan 23, 2015)
Thanks to all who attended this week's RP! "Our homeland - always."
(Jan 06, 2015)
Rise! Children of the root! -- log in to ESO and check mail for linfo about this week's RP event!
(Dec 31, 2014)
Happy New Year, swamp sisters and brothers
(Dec 27, 2014)
Thanks for the Moot screens, Driggins! I hope to meet up with y'all in the New Year.