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(Dec 20, 2014)
Posted Screens of the moot. Enjoy!
(Dec 19, 2014)
Tonight's guild RP was excellent! Thanks to all who came, and do your best to make the next one if you missed it.
(Dec 18, 2014)
Btw, last night we had a guild event in PvP. Lots of fun. I Hope to see more of you next time.
(Dec 18, 2014)
Marsh glad to hear it! The Last two updates were really good, and I am looking forward to 6 as well.
(Dec 12, 2014)
Lunis: I suppose we could move to enjin, where almost everyone else is. (Bonus: messaging works across all enjin sites.) But I know of no way to import the forum archives so we'd be starting over, and it'll take some work to set up.
(Dec 09, 2014)
By the way... Is there a possibility for a legitimate guild site rather than on guild launcher? This site is rather unreliable...
(Dec 09, 2014)
Finals are next week for me. Don't expect much activity for awhile, as I've got a wicked project to work on for Marine Biology. Hope it turns out great!
(Dec 07, 2014)
Been away from the game for a while now. Planning on getting back into it once update 6 launches
(Dec 04, 2014)
Finally getting back in the game after a long hietus! Prepare for a livestream tonight!
(Nov 18, 2014)
Yes, we are. Varus and I have been recruiting and our numbers grow. Come back anytime, scale-brother.
(Nov 10, 2014)
Are we still a guild? Thinking of renewing membership.
(Nov 02, 2014)
Downloading the patches is hell with my internet :/ cant wait to start palying again
(Oct 24, 2014)
I'll be coming back soon, can finally afford the game
(Aug 22, 2014)
(Aug 19, 2014)
Many thanks, I will be utilizing that hub as well as TESO-Elite to try to gain us some positive repute.
(Aug 19, 2014)
yes, i will do so right away
(Aug 19, 2014)
Could someone accept me into the Tamriel Foundry An-Xileel group?
(Aug 19, 2014)
"Many seas have crashing waves, but how many waves have riders?" Sudei's Question of the Day
(Aug 15, 2014)
I, Kills-his-Prey, no longer has a subscription to ESO.I will no longer be playing on the NA servers. I do not want to officially resign from the guild, just in case I decide to reopen the sub. That is all.
(Aug 13, 2014)
Guild lore thread! Got thoughts?