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(Jul 27, 2014)
Wednesday July 30 is RP night!
(Jul 25, 2014)
Help choose a date and time for RP night!
(Jul 10, 2014)
New Marsh-Warden in the house! Hollaaa~
(Jul 06, 2014)
The Teamspeak Server feels... kinda lonely...
(Jul 03, 2014)
Anyone on?
(May 16, 2014)
(May 16, 2014)
This place is like a ghost town :/
(Apr 16, 2014)
Pokes his head in the door to look around for signs of life
(Apr 14, 2014)
It comes back after a while
(Apr 13, 2014)
Hey so I just got back on after being absent for a couple of days and all my friends have been removed and I am in no guilds. Is anyone else having this problem?
(Apr 06, 2014)
Hey all, I haven't got up with you in game yet. Will someone send a guild invite @Smythe plz? Thanks!
(Apr 03, 2014)
Servers are down for 3-4 hours as they prepare for launch
(Apr 02, 2014)
an update is available for the client, that is probably why the servers are down. Update it, then get back to Tamriel!
(Apr 02, 2014)
yeah, sucks ,still offline :(
(Apr 02, 2014)
Darn the server maintenance, lol.
(Mar 30, 2014)
All beta characters were wiped, Talen.
(Mar 30, 2014)
I had a beta character but I do not see him in early access:(
(Mar 30, 2014)
Good luck today, brothers and sisters! I look forward to meeting you this evening!
(Mar 30, 2014)
Pulling an all-nighter for me until early access launches
(Mar 29, 2014)
We hit 70 members at Tamriel Foundry today!